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Patriots Unveil New Uniforms


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I definitely don't hate the promotion of Color Rush to full-time.  I thought it was a great idea when they first introduced it to harken to the red jersey uniform while maintaining some of what has worked for the modern incarnation.  I'm laughing that the Pats are now the first modern team to not have TV Numbers.  Hopefully people in the stands in the 300 section will be able to tell who's in the scrum when they're at the game.


Some things i really like:
White Jersey with the RBR striping gives off a major old-school vibe for me which i love. I definitely like it a lot more than i thought it would
Removal of unnecessary piping.  jerseys look so much cleaner with this


Some things i don't like:
No silver pants? c'mon, gotta keep the full look.  Maybe they just haven't done the "full" set yet. Like how we got the Atlanta jerseys but then there were more combos shown.

No Alternate? Maybe a red one in the future to fully compliment the look

Number font change.  This seems really unnecessary

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Not really a fan. I didn’t love the previous uniforms, but these are a downgrade.

If they really do only have one pair of pants they should be silver, not blue. Speaking of pants, is it really so hard to match the pants stripe to the shoulder stripe instead of borrowing the Texans pants? The striping looks good on the blue jersey, but it just looks off on the white jersey. I think matching the striping Florida-style with Thin blue-red-white-red-thin blue would feel more balanced color-wise, at least it does in my head. 


The Browns said shoulder numbers were required right? So what’s up with that?


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Maybe it's just because The Last Dance premiered last night but all I can think about is how, for all the mistakes they made, at least the Bulls didn't change their iconic jerseys after Jordan left. I wasn't even crazy about the Patriots' old look (too many details) but this is a very generic downgrade. 

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From the article detailing the changes:



Several other NFL teams changed their uniforms ahead of the 2020 season, and while there was speculation that the Patriots change might revive the popular red uniforms of previous decades, a current NFL uniform rule makes it impossible to wear the red throwbacks while respecting the integrity of that uniform.

NFL rules state that teams can only use one helmet for the season, and silver helmets have come to represent the modern era of the New England Patriots. A silver helmet with the "Flying Elvis" logo just doesn't work with the red uniforms, which, of course, feature a white helmet with the iconic "Pat Patriot" logo.

Ferron did leave the door open that, if the NFL ever changed the rule to allow more than one helmet per season, the red uniforms could certainly make a comeback as the team's alternate.


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Just now, heavybass said:

New Patriots uniform - Silver Helmet, Navy Shirt, Navy Pants, White Socks
Saints Uniform - Gold Helmet, Black Shirt, Black Pants, White Socks

It's literally the god-damn same.

Are you trying to say they’re the same because they both went mono? 

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