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Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion


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31 minutes ago, Elmos World 17 said:

ok so I've been trying to find if the Rams ever used the current logo in LA colors. This is the only example I could find but I don't believe they ever officially used it. Does anyone have any other examples?



Three championships, three cities.  An oddly impressive feat.

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1 hour ago, Fresno St. Alum said:

So what time are the Rams gonna show us the new old look? Is the White mask official. So I can put the White mask on the helmet that I just painted the horns white last night on? 

Do we know if they're going to reveal the full look now that the league denied their request to change jerseys early?


Anywho, I'd wait on the mask until they make an official announcement. Given the Rams' recent...fashion decisions...they're liable to introduce a neon green facemask on Twitter tomorrow.

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2 minutes ago, TJSC said:

Nice catch! I didn't notice that change until now...

The Rams could remove gold from helmet, pants but with the vapor untouchable template change you couldn't do a darn thing?

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4 minutes ago, Rockstar Matt said:


Can't believe a professional football team is going to trot themselves out on the field with this mismatched uniform. Absolutely hilarious. 

It's no worse then the cowboys?

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