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Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion


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10 hours ago, hawk36 said:

Unfortunately, I've learned in my years in the business as a designer/business owner that some time you just have to bite the bullet, take your money, and give the client what they want. In those cases though I at least voice my concern over the end design in writing so it's on record before it's handed off. And, the design never sees the light of day in my portfolio.  


I worked in a crappy small-time silkscreen sweatshop back in the early 90's.  Once a client ordered t-shirts for his soft team with the team name in all caps in the traditional Old English font.  I said to my boss we should call the guy and explain that the name will be unreadable.  His response?  Not our problem, the guy already paid.  And if the shirts are unreadable maybe he'll re-order and we'll get paid twice.  Turns out, that's just what happened.

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24 minutes ago, chakfu said:


I was going to say the Bengals logo wouldn't work on a C, but with a thick stroke it might. Old Canucks stick and rink- and coincidentally there's another example of mascot monogram!


...and now I remember plenty of this discussion with vastly superior striped C monogram concepts.


Back to the Rams.  Teams with..."functional" helmet decorations (horns, stripes, wings, bolts, nothing) need separate logos.)


Only classic is the Vikings. Eagle head is getting there, although I loved the old overly detailed bird in flight.   Bengal face was better than the B (I always liked the Bear face and especially the Bear in the C.)  Browns need something, Chargers need something better (I like the old coat of arms).


I never loved the Ram profile but it served its purpose.  Ram skull was...interesting and from.the overly detailed generation.  if the coloring works this could be better than either. I tend to like wordmark incorporation for a full logo (flying elvis wrapped over Patriots script), although it's less traditional in the NFL given the use of helmet marks.  I hate the use of baseball cap Marks over full logos and primaries - probably because I grew up on NBA logos primarily.


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2 minutes ago, Pizzaman7294 said:


Yes it is. Just as the Draft hats have placeholders


The OTA hats are in stock and shipping to customers though. 


Still haven't figured out why they released OTA hats before May. 

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7 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:


I hate when people assume that just because every instance of something isn't referenced, that means that it's OK.  The Bengals B is almost universally panned around here - and for very good reason.  I'm' not sure where you're getting your data from, but I'd like to see the numbers.


O's is absolutely stupid.  Angels at least has a lot of history behind it (doesn't mean it wasn't stupid at first), and fits in with their brand strategy of being "The Angels" first and foremost (plus the halo works perfectly with an A.)  Indians I is stupid as f.  



The A's get a pass since they've had the A for a century, give or take a few seasons.  A is far better than A's, but to me, they're the exception. 



I forgot to address the Angels.. I preferred their LA and CA monograms, but I felt like they kinda halfway rectified the situation when they did the whole "Anaheim" thing.. which was their ticket into acceptable territory in my mind.. At least at the time they went that route

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3 hours ago, chakfu said:


My recent apparent color vision or screen ssues are now well documented but this screams Jazz to me, and will nudge into Lakers territory, close enough to be contagious at least.

Fix your color issues. It's clearly not purple.

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1 hour ago, AndrewMLind said:


I mean, the Jazz are navy, gold and green (all colors seen in that photo). Definitely not purple, though.

Sure, but as it was implied that it was nudging into Lakers' territory, purple is the problem color.

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