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48 minutes ago, upperV03 said:

Time to place your bets on the uniforms having gradient numbers, like ASU’s old black Nike alts and the 2018-19 Pro Bowl sets...

I’m not sure I actually see them doing that (FFS I hope they don’t) but it’s definitely a possibility given the gradients in the logos. Realistically I could see the numbers having a gradient with the different shades of yellow, but I don’t think they’d have full gradient to white.


Oh I'm almost willing to guarantee the uniforms, most likely the numbers (but I wouldn't count out pants stripes IF they have them--bear in mind the metallic gold St. Louis pants were sans stripes too), have some type of gradient-style design to them--in fact, I'll be shocked if they don't.  In fact, given the split-line design of the horn, I've actually already seen something like this at play--via another Nike-helmed concoction 30 or so miles north of Des Moines IA:










You'll have to look really close to see it, but those numbers actually are two different colors, albeit slightly. So this has been done before. 


31 minutes ago, colortv said:

Well, let's just hope the Rams go with gold as the primary home uniform.





I'm certainly willing to bet dollars this shows up in some way, form or fashion as a third/alt.


24 minutes ago, WSU151 said:

I'm not sure this was posted - are they using navy for the shadow on the A?


Los Angeles Rams Nike Legend Performance Logo Essential 3 T-Shirt - Gold


So the horn stays yello--'scuse me, sol*--on a yel--erm, sol* background? That's pretty bogus.


The ram head might actually have some redeeming quality to it...somewhere...but I ain't seeing it right now. That monogram, though...woof.


*Sol = "soul" of the team? Mmkay...yeah alright.

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The colors are spot on what I think of when i think LA Rams.  The gradient is really only deterrant.  The ram head is a nice take on a the original Rams logo.


The execution of the uniforms (any specifically the helmet) will make or break this.  Right now there are clearly two horns they can use on the helmet:


- the gradient horn from the LA logo

- the flat horn from the animal logo


All in all, I like this evolution of the retro Rams, and God help the Rams if they slap anything but the horns on the helmet...



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5 minutes ago, CoasterLine said:



Angelo State University football anyone?


This has been posted about 5 dozen times in this thread.


Stop posting it.


Stop it.

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And by, "about 5 dozen" I mean three.  But still. 



11 minutes ago, CoasterLine said:



Angelo State University football anyone?


1 hour ago, packerfan21396 said:

Did the designer go to Angelo State?



On 3/9/2020 at 10:19 AM, Sport said:

The plot thickens




That's the logo for Angelo State University. So either that leak is not legit or someone at the NFL office jacked a D2 college's logo for the goddamn Los Angeles Rams, which wouldn't surprise me based on the subpar creative they've been pumping out over the last few years. 


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31 minutes ago, grubstreet said:

That head logo is absolutely awful. Not sure why everyone is gushing. It looks like somebody took a refined logo and used live trace to copy it. Really feels like they demanded the horn logo in the rams head and forced the perspective around it.


To me it looks like a ram shaped blob.

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What the hell is going on with the bottom left of the Ram Head logo?


Literally every other part of the logo features curves and there's no point where a straight line meets another straight line EXCEPT at the bottom of the logo where it's all straight lines. How did nobody notice that? It looks unfinished.

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Favorite part is the wordmark — it’s very trendy right now, that simple elongated sans-serif. Not what I would have picked for this team or color scheme but it looks nice.


LA logo is fine, rams head is out of place with this package. Looks like one of those vintage hand drawn logos of ye olden days. When every thing else is clean lines, fresh and bright, I don’t think it’s modernized enough to fit the whole package.


was hoping the Futura-ish Art Deco wordmark they were using would be more of a hint. Ah well.

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