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Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion


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Ummm...this was what all the fuss was about?


Not a huge fan. 


HATE the helmet numbers. 


Font is generic at best.  


HATE the yellow pants.   Powder pants would've been so much better.


LOVE the Navy Color Rush.


Power/White and White/White should be their primary looks.   

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Los Angeles Chargers Unveil New Uniforms

April 21, 2020 - 13:53 PM

The Los Angeles Chargers unveiled new uniforms on Tuesday morning, marking the first significant update to the franchise’s overall look since the 2007 season — when they were still located in San Diego. The uniform reveal comes a little under […]


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Those home and away sets are near perfect at a first glance. Loving the yellow pants.  The navy CR will have to grow on me but I think both sets are sleek. Really nicely done. 

(But that blue is basically purple! 🤪)

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Hey, "This Board Hates Everything!" Guy, these are good. 


Numbers on the helmets means you don't need TV numbers on the jersey and I'm fine with that. 


They finally stopped trying to contain the lightning bolt inside of a stripe - GREAT!


Powder blue is the primary again - GREAT!


4 different color pants, 3 different blue jerseys - unnecessary!

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A smidge disappointed we didn’t get the white inserts on the jersey and gold pants which would have kept it a gold bolt with powder blue outlining on every surface but I that’s a minor detail. 

Also not super jazzed about the number font being italicized but that’s minor. 


I love the helmet numbers. I love the gold pants and I adore the navy bolt design. Classic 1960 Chargers look. 

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I think I'll be in the minority, but this is probably going to be the least favorite Chargers look in my memory (goes back to Dan Fouts, and does not include helmet numbers).

  • I hate the helmet numbers.  I don't even like Alabama's helmets, but I think it's even worse for the NFL, where the helmet is probably more important than the primary logo. 
  • Not a fan of two (or even one) alternate shades of blue.
  • Actually, the primaries would be solid if not for the helmet numbers.

I'm really going to let the helmet numbers get in the way here.  Without them, these are better than the last set, but I just don't like that part of it.

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