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Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion


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3 minutes ago, JOEYxFRESCO said:

The number font is my only knock. Solid job otherwise 

I think the numbers are an improvement over the previous set. They remind of a mix between the new Browns and the 1997 Patriots numbers. There's still a lot of space on the sleeves to add numbers so I don't know why they didn't do that, but it's not a downgrade by not having them there. 


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Just now, MJWalker45 said:

I think the numbers are an improvement over the previous set. They remind of a mix between the new Browns and the 1997 Patriots numbers. There's still a lot of space on the sleeves to add numbers so I don't know why they didn't do that, but it's not a downgrade by not having them there. 

Probably because having numbers on the sleeves was kind of redundant when the helmet would have numbers on it anyways.

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Great update.  My choice would be white pants with the powder blue, yellow pants with the white.  During the Fouts era, the team largely wore their white jersey with the yellow and it's a good look.  I like that they went with larger bolts on the shoulders...they really stand out and look far better than the ones they've been wearing that were dropped (and upside down) on the sides.


I like color rush...the navy one is absolutely awesome.  If I had to bet money, I see a lot of Dane's influence in this knowing his work on the A11FL ids.

The ONLY gripe I have is the numbers on the helmet as they take away from the logo.  Other than that, absolute perfection.  The Bolts did what I was hoping the Falcons would do, but the Falcons really ****ed  the sheets. 

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If I may dissent -- those numbers aren't bad but a little bit 90s NASCAR for me. Better than Agency, but still not sure that this fits the team. 


More importantly, I don't understand why the Chargers need to use every shade of blue there is. Dump the royal blue one, particularly since you live at the Rams' basement.

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Other than the return of gold pants and helmet numbers, I don't get the hype about these. The bolts on the jerseys look really awkward and unnatural, like they just copy-pasted the logo and called it a day instead of actually designing a proper shoulder stripe. I also don't think they'll be able to resist wearing the royal and navy gear way too often. 

It's a lot better than the Falcons and Patriots messes, but still pretty meh.

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Are the numbers italicized? I would of prefered something a little more traditional, and then the numbers off the helmet and on the sleeves.


Man we might all have to buy Madden 21 just to make our own uni combos for every team there's so many changes this season! :)

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Overall a good set.  A few quibbles:

Would have de-italicized the numbers on the front and back of the jersey

The numbers on the left side of the helmet should be italicized to the left (otherwise they're leaning the wrong direction).

Black shoes > White shoes.

Royal blue should have been retired.  Not sure how the Chargers get away with having two Color Rush sets.

Would have kept a powder blue set of pants.

Looking at the template, the bolt over the shoulder may be problematic.  It's possible that they've gone back to the bi-directional shoulder bolt


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4 minutes ago, Pizzaman7294 said:


I love it too. Don't fall into the forum's peer pressure. It's sweet and evokes the Chargers us millennials grew up with. 

I don't mind the Navy alt's in a vacuum...and with some gripes.  Pair them with white pants, add a little white to the bolt's...and honestly, it'd be a fine way to get around the 1 helmet rule, while evoking the mid 90's sets.  But with the white lid, and then the full navy leotard/monochrome and the royal monochrome set...it seems superfluous.  The royal does too.  


I think there was a way to have a Navy alt, but I don't think this is the exact way to have done it.  If it'd have been more of an "alternate" uniform and less of a color rush...I'd have been here for it more.  As is, it's kind of a shrug and something that takes away from a really strong home/away set for me right now.  I'll be disappointed the games where they go mono-royal/navy over the powders.

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The all white/yellow pant road sets are good stuff. 


Home set's a little too UCLA for me, but the look is overall pretty swell. 

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Powder blue retained and now more emphasized

Yellow and white pants are primary options

Background stripe is eliminated 

Great not to air Coryell and seau and LT eras with color rush

Numbers on helmets

Powder blue helmets was fake news .....thank god

Kay Adams modeling the new white jerseys



Slanted nameplate and numbers...too much Detroit to me with that



Should have had yellow lightning bolts on navy jersey and pants

Could have used a small wordmark front nameplate with Los Angeles or chargers under the collar 

No tv numbers

Preferred they have kept the previous socks with the gold stripe

Should have stayed in San Diego 😆




10 out of 10


Chargers hit a grand slam and batted around the order


The reality matched the hype


They are number 1 by a mile as  far as the changes by clubs this year


Hopefully rams ends the the trinity on a good note 


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14 hours ago, BVZ said:

The creative team working with the Chargers also designed the new looks for the Browns, Colts, and previously the Lions. All of those teams saw modern tweaks to traditional looks, and they turned  out great.


I fully expect the same for the Chargers. We will see white helmets, yellow facemasks, a return to rounded bolts on the shoulders, and an updated number font. Powder blue home and white away. White pants and powder blue socks with white cleats.


Beyond that, I’m less certain. To me, a navy blue alternate wouldn’t make sense, as they seem to be emphasizing powder and ditching the navy altogether. I hope we don’t see a grey alt, as their normal colors are much more vibrant in the California sun. Although we did get a grey alt with the Lions, so we’ll see. The royal blue CR is actually a good look, but may be too similar to the new (old) Rams blue.

If we didn’t get orange pants with the Browns, I doubt we get yellow pants with the Chargers, but I hope we do. Powder blue pants on the road are more likely than yellow. I have no insider knowledge, this is just speculation based on what we have seen in the recent past from the Michael Irwin team. Excited for what should be a good reveal in the morning.

They nailed this one. I’m surprised by the helmet numbers, but I really like them. It makes for a cleaner uniform, with a bigger rounded bolt and no TV numbers or wordmark.


We got yellow pants! I’m very happy about that.

I actually like both of the alternate looks as well. Not entirely necessary, but I like them nonetheless. 

This has been a great offseason for uniforms, probably the best ever. Chargers, Bucs, Browns and Colts all get A’s from me. I’ll give the Patriots a C, and the Falcons a D. Hopefully the Rams pass.


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13 minutes ago, bowld said:


Don't care for any of the color rush. Could've picked a better number outline on the home jersey. That's a'll the complaints I have. Still a great looking uniform. 

Shocked to see no team name on the jersey at all. Guess they'll let the bolts do the talking. That's now 2 teams whose new uniforms that dropped the team name on the front of the jersey which is a surprise.

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