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Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion


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32 minutes ago, BJ Sands said:

Now that TV numbers apparently aren’t mandatory, how many teams will be dropping theirs? 

I could see Cincinnati, Tennessee, and Carolina nix them. And it wouldn’t be stunning to see the Rams, with whatever they come up with, do the same. 


I'm guessing Jacksonville will be keeping theirs. 

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4 minutes ago, d11king said:

Does anyone know how to jump to a page instead of having to go one by one by one by one lol


See where it says "Page 409 of 409" with a little down arrow next to it?  Click on that.  It brings up a box and you can type in the page # you want to skip to.



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Just now, IceCap said:
19 minutes ago, infrared41 said:


I'm nominating this for POTD. (Hell, the bolded line alone is POTD worthy.)


Can I get a second?  

Here here. 


That settles it. 

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1 hour ago, 8BW14 said:

My only real complaints are (broken record time) the solid socks that match the pants on the monochrome alternates and the helmet numbers. Otherwise this looks really great. I would like to see actual uniforms on actual players, but it looks like the Chargers nailed it.


But an underrated part of this uniform is that, unlike almost every "modern" uniform, the primary home and away uniforms don't have socks that are the same color as the pants (and can't, since there are no powder blue pants). If the color rush uniforms are used 1-2x per year each, that means that for most of the schedule, the Chargers will wear socks that contrast with their pants, which is great.

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31 minutes ago, the admiral said:


The Rams really have been pretty star-crossed in all this. Their plan was to unveil new uniforms and logos when the new stadium opened. Then the stadium was delayed a year because Los Angeles had a thunderstorm the likes of which Illinois gets about once a month. Then the goddamn Chinese nuked the entire global economy because they ate flying rats from a sidewalk sale and gave everyone the plague. Now they might not even get to play in the new stadium this year and no one has any money to buy their ugly gradient logo anyway. 




The Majestic XII have spoken. 

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I like this set a lot.


Do I think they need two alternative/color rush sets? No, but I understand the difficulty in narrowing it down to one (both are good designs IMHO).


Am I happy about the number font? Not in particular, but I could see them wanting an italic to emulate the angles we often see bolts drawn with (including in their word mark).


I think they really attempted to combine a lot of elements from their uniform history:

Numbers on the helmets and powder blue from the AFL days into the 70s.

Yellow pants and royal blue from the late 70s and early 80s sets.

Navy from their more recent history.


And I like the return of more "normal" (for the Chargers) shoulder bolts and the consistency of the layout of the bolts on the pants.


Overall, a 9.75 out of 10 (which says a lot, I don't think I'd give any current NFL uniform a 10/10).

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I would've liked to see powder blue pants with yellow bolt and yellow socks paired with the white away jersey.   Numbers on the helmet make TV numbers redundant.  The larger bolt on the jersey without the extra trim is an upgrade.  Powder blue is Chargers football.

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I don't like the Chargers at all and have always thought their uniforms were bland. These are good. Very good. Others have put forward what they like and I have nothing to add except that the Navy looks incredible.

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