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The new Rams reporter for The Athletic is contending that the bone jersey is not the official away uniform and apparently required special approval from the league? (why, wouldn't it just be an alternate? Wouldn't the special approval be making it a road jersey?) I wonder if there's a white uniform that never made it out of production because of COVID so they are getting approval to wear the bone, or that an away uniform was so bad they scrapped it? Who knows


But the bone jersey is an utter catastrophe. I have no idea what's going on with anything in it. The sleeves are so confusing. It doesn't look good.

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Never thought I'd say this but the Browns have shown the way.


When you have classic templates in your locker that age beautifully what's the need for a radical departure. The helmet is the only redeemable asset of this whole look.


Hopefully the 5 year rule gets canned so the Rams and Falcons can rectify this mess. 

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7 minutes ago, alecgoff said:

If they are so set on the disjointed horns, which is a big mistake, they could have at least given us the standard block font and the real Gold Color that complements the Royal Blue better. 







Don't hurt me like this

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Some thoughts:

Damn I just hate the effing socks. Why, why, why does anyone think that looks good?

-The helmet looks good. It looks like they have adjusted the new horn for the helmet so it has more of a curl like the traditional horn.

-Gradient numbers are dorky, but that’s far from the worst of it.
-The word mark looks like a name tag for an employee at a Jiffy Lube, probably to honor the blue collar fans who can’t afford to buy tickets to the new stadium or some stupid crap like that. What’s the significance of the zig zag stitch?

-The blue jersey is relatively inoffensive, it’s a couple questionable decisions from being pretty solid.

-Why are there white accents on the yellow pants? You can’t even really see them so what’s the point?

-Speaking of white accents, WTEffingF is going on with the gray jersey and pants?Yellow and white striping and the only blue is the numbers. Yeah that’s awful. I don’t really know what else to say, it’s indescribably stupid.

-The gradient on the blue pants is out of place, something that mirrored the sleeve/shoulder stripe on the blue jersey makes more sense.

-the number font itself doesn’t seem to be too bad, in fact I kinda like the tonal accents reflecting the horn/logo


I feel the same way about the Rams uniforms as I feel about the Falcons. I think there are some good ideas and a few good individual pieces but they just didn’t know when to stop. The bad things really, really overshadow the few good decisions and bring the whole thing down. I can at least understand some of the weird/bad decisions made by the Falcons, but there’s no excuse for the “BONE” uniform and dumbass mismatching pants and jerseys. I expected more, so I’m pretty disappointed. The Rams uniforms should be pretty hard to screw up and they managed to do that, so that’s impressive.


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1 minute ago, DC in Da House w/o a Doubt said:




what is the horn spiky here?  Is this a nod to iguana tails?  What is going on here


serious question, how is this shoulder design going to translate to fan jerseys with longer sleeves? 

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Just now, oldschoolvikings said:

What's that weird zigzag on top of the patch?

The "Los Angeles Rams Patch" is attached by yellow stitching that represents the hold that the brightest fans in the country have on their re-born LA Rams...the rigid pattern represents the ups-and-downs the franchise has had upon it's glorious return to Los Angeles.

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