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Haven't even ventured to look through all these comments but I can only imagine the fires being started in here.






70-year old helmet design...out the window.   What the hell is that patch on the front of the jerseys with stupid stitching on it? 

The Away uniforms are BONE Colored? Excuse me?!


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NOONE likes these things 😂 We’ve reached a tipping point with uniform design and it’s fantastic, going back to old school, recognizable uniforms will now get far better reception than the fire, fad hype route (best case, pull a chargers and go for traditional with a *splash* of something different for alternates). I don’t mind the home all things considered, but the away... 

*insert gif of Jesse Pinkman shouting “He can’t keep getting away with this!!”

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This point of view might blow up these boards, but here it goes:


The Rams changing the helmet horns is possibly as sacrilegious as the Yankees changing the interlocking NY. Or, for a better comparison, as sacrilegious as the Dodgers changing the interlocking LA logo.


The new horns look, well, not good. 

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11 minutes ago, Chromatic said:

but the design isnt fundamentally flawed at least


I disagree, especially with the gray uni. The half white/half gray sleeves with yellow in the middle is pretty awful. 


Plus all the patches and neck tabs...and no TV numbers on the blue (where there's plenty of room)

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2 minutes ago, jakgol said:

Imagine thinking that having the wrong shade of blue on the helmet is a good design choice.


While a mismatched helmet color is not a good design choice, the throwback uniform is wholly superior to what they introduced today. Correcting that helmet color to match the royal blue jerseys would have been the right update. 

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The only thing Nike has done on par with this :censored: show is the 2013 Jaguars Two-Tone Helmet and the 2014 Buccaneers Font.


The “Bone” uniform contends for the worst look in the NFL. Yes, that includes the Falcons FUBU jersey. Who thought “Bone” with white accent horns (is that what those are?) made any sense?


The segmented horn is terrible. Turning the horns on the home uniform into strange segmented stripes is awful.


The random patch looked bad enough without the zigzag stitching above it. The random pull tag on the back of the neck. 


How the HELL are gradient numbers the least offensive thing about these?!



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26 minutes ago, Brummie said:

Never thought I'd say this but the Browns have shown the way.


When you have classic templates in your locker that age beautifully what's the need for a radical departure. The helmet is the only redeemable asset of this whole look.


Hopefully the 5 year rule gets canned so the Rams and Falcons can rectify this mess. 


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Where to even begin?

The things that pains me most above these is that there's elements here that could totally work if they had been smarter. The helmet is fine. The colours look great, and i don't even hate "Bone" instead of White. But there's so many little things that are truly awful here. 

- The gradient. The fact it's not just the numbers, but the blue pants as well, is a major blunder. 

- Just about everything going on with that Bone jersey is bad. The white sleeves, the sleeve numbers, the fact they claim there's horns on the jersey when you can't even see them in pictures, the stupid wordmark with the yellow squiggly line on top (which also affects the Blue), the yellow line underneath said sleeve numbers.... if I was the equipment manager, I'd take them all and burn them. 

- The bone pants are also trash and should have some blue somewhere. 

Thankfully the yellow pants are the best pants in this set. Had they based all the pants off of those, these would look so much better. 

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These are awful I cannot see how someone can look at these & say this is a great modern update on the Rams historical uniforms. These are mismatched garbage.  I usually do not have that strong of a take but this is just stupid. Oh well another change in 5 years.

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-Helmet (COLOR only)



- horn shape

-whole away jersey (colors, mismatch fonts etc)


-number font





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8 minutes ago, pitt6pack said:





Looks like the Rams are preparing for ad space on their uniforms for the future ...


But why, WHY is there ANY reason at all to include yellow squiggly lines on top of the ad patch!? What's the point! With all the bad there is on these uniforms, this just makes no sense, and I cannot see any purpose for this at all. Why is it needed? What's the point? WHY? 

That may be where they put their inaugural season) game logo. Even with ad space, this approach is odd

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33 minutes ago, LMU said:


This new batch of uniforms is very hit-or-miss with me. I'm not surprised at the helmet design when you consider the look of the new horn in the primary logo, so I expected it for the most part. The gradients in the home jersey are a NO GO however. Also, the yellow in the road jersey worries me a bit. Looks to me like it easily disappears in the jersey, but at least the numbers are fine. So the roads need more blue in the pant stripes and somewhere on the sleeve to make up for that obscure yellow. And of coarse, the script is badly placed considering it's not a logo/roundel a la the previous Jets or iconic Steelers primary. Overall: 3/5


To me, solid yellow numbers on the home jersey or placing the script above the numbers would put it at a 4. Sadly, I kinda knew the Rams would mess this up somewhere along the lines even though I was hoping for good things.

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