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Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion


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 - classic colors (even if they are a little brighter)
 - helmet 


 - Shoulders are okay, but I'd prefer the older style where the point reaches the sleeve. 
 - Pants stripes... either one solid stripe or the classic three

 - numbers... everything about them, home and away, just don't work
 - "Bone" instead of white... and pretty much EVERYTHING on the "bone" colored uniforms is just garbage
 - Uniforms don't match... why does one have "TV Numbers" and the other doesn't? Why are the shoulders different for both. Why a gradient for one and none for the other?  
 - Why the jumpsuit "namepatch" on the chests? I guess they were trying to go for the same thing Seattle went with, but that works... these just look tacky. 

Overall Grade: C-

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6 minutes ago, SFGiants58 said:

“Nike was going to come in and fix my awful designs. But I turned them away for offering options about our issues. That’s why we went in this direction.” banned from Demoff discord


This whole uniform is an “else if” statement made flesh. Clunky, inefficient, and painful. Granted, they’ll redesign before Yandere Dev finally releases his scam. 

if (Rams.location.equals("Los Angeles")) {
  Rams.owner.spend(owner.netWorth, "LA Stadium");
if (Rams.Uniforms.Age > 5) {

redesign() {
  if (Rams.fanbase.hasFavoriteJersey == True) {
    pass; // Do whatever we're doing already
  if (Rams.workingWith.Nike) {
  if (Rams.Uniforms.Home) {
  else if (Rams.Uniforms.Away) {
  else if (Rams.Uniforms.All) {

I can only imagine this is how Demoff's mind went throughout the process.

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1 hour ago, SFGiants58 said:

It’s a bunch of olds and olds-sympathetic folk trying to demean these people.


Is it though? 


I mean..using fire emojis to any new design is low energy in itself...and incredibly overused. 


Sommeliers realize that not every wine is the best ever. Similarly, movie critics don't take people who think Transformers 3 was the "best movie ever" all that seriously. 

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14 minutes ago, QCS said:

I can only imagine this is how Demoff's mind went throughout the process.


I’m just happy he hasn’t written anything like this screed:



I pointed out that there are many people under the age of 18 who have had sexual experiences without being traumatized. I pointed out that some people aren't "ready" for sex even after age 18. All human beings are different from one another, thus one "age of consent" will not work for all humans. I attempted to propose the idea of finding another way to determine whether or not someone is "ready" for sex, such as a passing a test that grants a "sex license."

Regrettably, these concepts were simply too complex for poor "N" to grasp. Intent on forcing me to answer a question that would allow her to brand me as a pedophile, she demanded to know if I would permit a 14-year-old to have sex with a grown man if the 14-year-old had passed the "sex license test" that I had proposed.

Well, obviously, if there's a test that objectively proves that a person is ready for sex, and a person passes that test, then that person is objectively ready for sex. This is simple logic, but "N" lacked the mental capacity to figure this out for herself.

Yandere Dev actually wrote this thing. Like, dude, they should put you on a list for this.

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Several pages on this thread, I had said that if the Fight for LA came down just to uniforms that the Chargers would win handily. And I said that before the Rams released their new uniforms. Seems as though I was right. I just still can't believe how badly the Rams messed this up. And if their handling of the botched rollout of the primary LA logo is any indication, their level of smug - namely from Kevin Demoff - will be unbelievable.

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I will say, I’d take the Falcons’ gradient jersey over the Rams’ gray, 10 times out of 10... Here we go with the review:


The helmet is no surprise, but still a huge downgrade from one of the best helmets in the league. It no longer reads clearly as a ram’s horn, I can’t help but see a crescent moon. Thankfully they didn’t include the gradient on the horn, and the brighter blue is nice, I guess.


The royal jersey is about what I expected given the logos and the rumors. The font is honestly unique and not awful, unlike some of Nike’s past fonts. It clearly is inspired by soccer jerseys though. I don’t even mind the gradient much at all.


It seems like they’re heavily promoting the all-royal combination though, it honestly feels like the yellow pants might have been a late addition, which is a shame. I’d hope we only see the monochrome maybe once a year, but I’m not optimistic in the slightest. 


The away gray jersey, however, has to be my least favorite uniform unveiled in the Nike era. A lot of the decisions made here are just baffling, such as the inclusion of white, different sleeves than the home, the TV numbers, the zig zag stitching, not to mention the choice to go with gray color itself.


The lack of blue on the gray pants is especially egregious. Yellow or blue pants would be so much better, as would a pure white jersey. I’m not opposed to road jerseys that aren’t white, but the Rams are one of the teams where it works the least, especially with the other bright colors in the set which would pop with the white.


Probably my least favorite element of this set is the weird wordmark patch on the front of the jersey, as well as the “tag” on the back of the collar, especially where they both contrast on the away. That has to be one of the strangest design choices I’ve ever seen, as they both literally look slapped on there. 


I don’t necessarily know if the Falcons will change right when the 5-year minimum is up, but this set I could really see being redone once 2025 comes around. And not only that, but after all of the unnecessary wait & build-up, they didn’t even reveal all the uniforms they have planned? Why not just do like the Chargers and unveil all of the combos? I can’t believe they waited years to reveal the uniforms in order to coincide with the new stadium, and now they’re not even revealing them all in the inaugural year. 


One good thing about uniform releases lately is it has shown how much more important and accessible fan feedback is now due to social media, and surprisingly I’d say most people (even casual fans) tend to have generally similar opinions on what is a good or a bad uniform. Although social media isn’t necessarily an accurate indicator, it still seems that most of the feedback I’ve seen on the Bucs and Chargers for example has been positive, while the Falcons and Rams have seemingly been mostly negative. I think that’s important.

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Eric Dickerson comments on the new look:



"I just don't like the stripe around the sleeve. It's not big enough. It almost looks like a lightning bolt, like the Chargers' uniform. I don't like the stripe down the pants; I wish it was bigger. And the horn, man, it's horrible. I just feel like they really took away from the Rams' uniform. And it looks almost like the Chargers' logo. It looks like two bananas."

Dickerson, who got to see the uniforms a day before the official unveiling, shared what he told the team shortly after seeing them. 


"This is football. This ain't nothing to do with surfing," he said. "This ain't nothing to do with waves. This is football. This is a man's sport. And to me, it just looks soft. It don't look like football. It don't look hard."


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The funniest thing IMO is that the Rams spent years playing in mismatching uniforms all so they could line up their glorious brand reveal that will make the Rams belong to Los Angeles with the opening of their new stadium, and the opening of the stadium gets postponed due to toxic sludge, causing them to wear the temporary uniforms for one more year, all for their brand  unveil to be during a pandemic and to fall flat, while their tenants new uniforms are praised universally. Of course people who were self conceited enough to believe that they could only switch uniforms if it coincided with their shiny new stadium wouldn’t actually listen to what the fans want, the Rams are for SoFi stadium, not you shmucks who waited 20 years to get them back. 

The helmet color is fantastic, and the segmented horn looks about as good as it could (so not as good as the classic one). Cannot understand why they would think the oldest and arguably best helmet design in football needs a modern updating.

In the grand scheme of things, the home uniform looks good. It has some unnecessary bells and whistles, but that’s most uniforms that are unveiled these days. I was hoping the gradient would be sol-to-sunset orange (or whatever they want us to call those colors), but for the most part it’s a pretty conventional design. The name tag is pretty stupid and the yellow zigzag stitching is dumbfounding, yet relatively harmless. 

The bone suit by comparison is just so, so bad. There’s no contrast between bone, white and yellow and everything gets lost. I had to squint to see if the pants had a stripe at all, and only later saw that there was also a white stripe. For the life of me I cannot understand sidelineing blue.! Why is only the back part of the segmented horn there? I can’t recall a football uniform that had an element on the back that didn’t show up on the front except for tramp stamps. To make matters worse, TV numbers and the Nike logo are both placed on top of the segment, giving it a sloppy, rushed feeling, like they didn’t know how to fit all three elements so they just threw them on top of each other. The collar stripe reminds me of the collar construction Nike has been using the past few years...


...only that AFAIK the football Nike template doesn’t have that vertical insert on the back of the neck. The white name tag is simply atrocious here, it looks exactly like a name tag, I half expected them to read the players full name on that with their position underneath, how did anyone think that could look good.


The numbers are very very soccerish, the internal swoops remind me of the tremendously overused Barcelona 2012/15 and 15/16 fonts. I do love the squat TV numbers that match the wordmark, at least a design element that looks like it was done specifically so that it would fit its purpose better. It does look like there was enough space to put them on the shoulder. Squatter numbers could have been a very distinctive feature if they actually used them on both and placed them somewhere that wasn’t already used. 

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22 minutes ago, ScubaSteve said:

great example of being right for the wrong reasons

Eh, I don’t know? New designs the past couple years have softened. If this was 4-5 years ago we’d get numbers that were bold, pointy and loud. Kinda like what Atlanta did. But, the rounded numbers and over designed elements are softer than usually seen.

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Well...this was an insanely polarizing set. I still really like the colors a lot, but I also like the new helmet horn design actually as I think its a really good update of the classic horns on the helmet. The blue uniforms sans the gradient and out-of-place Los Angeles Rams patch are actually really solid too, particularly with the yellow pant. It'd actually be a jersey I'd buy.


The bone jersey, however, holy dear god they are so freaking awful it's hard comprehend a designer of sane mind making these uniforms. So many things to hate and legit nothing to like outside of the chest number font from the blue uniform.

1) The "bone" color really looks dirty (in a bad way) and an off-white jersey that isn't cream just looks so bad in so many contexts, including this one. Should've gone with just white.

2) The yellow horns on the side are atrocious and combine that with white on an off-white jersey it looks horrendous and almost blends into the jersey. This problem extends to the pant too.

3) The Los Angeles Rams patch with the terrible stitching thing look even worse on this jersey being white on off-white, as it looks insanely tacked-on and hideous.

4) Why have TV numbers on this jersey? It looks crammed and is so strange with the blue uniform not having them, creating a disjointed look. And related to them...

5) WHY ARE THE TV NUMBERS A DIFFERENT FONT FROM THE CHEST NUMBERS??? I don't get it and this is egregious in how atrocious this decision was.


The blue set is okay, but Jesus Christ that bone set is the worst NFL uniform I have seen in ages. It makes the Bucs and Browns' old sets, and the Titans current set look like masterpieces by comparison. 

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