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My All-Quarantine Team Vector Art! (Post #15 on 6/24)


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Found "a little" downtime with the world shutting down and all... I plan on doing a bunch of vector art like this in the next few weeks (months?) of all my favorite childhood players... I might eventually open it up to requests!


Jason Sehorn

Kerry Collins

Andre Reed

Deion Sanders

Troy Aikman

Steve Tasker

Jim Kelly

Tyrod Taylor

Theo Fleury

Jake Fromm

Johnathan Taylor

Pat Tillman

Josh Allen

Cole Beasley

Rob Johnson


First up is former Giants great Jason Sehorn:



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6 hours ago, jbird669 said:

Yes he was! And he was from my hometown. Fun fact: his brother-in-law was my old boss. 


Allentown, right? I got to do a t-shirt design for Andre last year to fund-raise for his literacy program in his hometown... dude looks like he could still play today!




The "All-Quarantine Team" has expanded to include hockey! Apparently 😅 One of my all-time favorites is speedy lil' Theo Fleury:



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Hey guys, been a while! I decided to draw this up quick after scoring the new centerpiece of my memorabilia collection - a 1998 Cardinals team-issued Pat Tillman jersey! (I will share pics when it arrives!)


A hero if there ever was one:



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