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Here are the Red Sox!



Not much changes with the logo set, other than flipped colors for the road wordmark.




Not too many changes for classic Red Sox, other than added piping on the sleeves reminiscent of the 1936 uniforms.



The alternates just get piping brought back in order to feel more complete.



The Cooperstown Collection brings back the 1975 set, probably my favorite uniform in Red Sox history. The Spring Training set is based on the famous sock pattern from the 70's, inspired by @SFGiants58's take in his Project 32 series.



That's it for today, the Cubs will be up next!


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Now we have the Cubs!



The most notable changes are to the road wordmark, as well as the addition of a throwback chest insignia. The Spring Training cap uses the 80's angry cubbie logo.




The classic home uniform remains the same, while the away uniform reverts back to the 1964 design, which I agree with many others is the best Cubs road uni. 



The alternate copies the striping of the away, and I decided to go with just the "C" from the cap logo for the chest this time around. A snow white pants option is also added for when the jersey is worn at home.



The Cooperstown Collection is a fauxback to the Cubs' 1940's designs.



That's it for today! The cross-town White Sox will be up next.

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20 hours ago, Victormrey said:

Your new presentation style definitely gives a more professional look to your designs, well done for that and for the solid sets you're pulling off!

I'd love to see the Red Sox's main designs with the old-school stirrups 😉

Here's a look:


I still prefer the all-red socks personally, but this is far from a bad look.

19 hours ago, coco1997 said:

That Cubs fauxback is good enough to be their everyday home set.

Thanks, it's hard to replace the classic pinstripes though!


I'll post the White Sox later today.

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Here we are with the White Sox:



The most notable changes are the reversal of the colors on the away wordmark, a return to the late 80's "White Sox" script without a tail on the black alternate, and the '83 "SOX" designs accommodating to the classic black & silver scheme.




I decided to drop pinstripes from the home uniform to distance them a bit more from the Yankees. The white away wordmark is unique among the league, and I also brought back the 1950's number font for the Sox. The sock pattern is inspired by @SFGiants58.



The black alternate as mentioned now has the "White Sox" script, and I decided to keep the pinstripes around for Sunday afternoon games.



The Cooperstown Collection takes the '83 throwback but gives it the iconic black & silver, and the Spring Training jersey is a black version of it. 



The Cincinnati Reds will be up next!

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On 4/14/2020 at 11:27 AM, Vincady said:

Great concept so far! I wonder what the White Sox one would look like if it got a hint of red, like maybe instead of the grey in the Cooperstown Collection. 


On 4/14/2020 at 5:45 PM, TrueYankee26 said:

They would really pop with red added in them.

I didn't want to infringe too much on @SFGiants58's black and red set (check it out if you haven't already), but red would indeed look good with the Cooperstown uniforms in particular.



I also have a couple of "outtake" Cooperstown Collection uniforms that use the black & red scheme, one based on the 1950's set where it came from and one based on an unused design for the 80's set


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Now we have the Cincinnati Reds:



The primary logo loses its shadowing, courtesy of @SFGiants58. I decided to go with strictly red & white this time around, to keep things simple and stick with the classic Reds. The away font is based on old block fonts of theirs in the past, but condensed to better match the primary logo and the number font, with some help again from @SFGiants58. Mr. Redleg also makes an appearance on the Spring Training cap & jersey.




The primary set is a pretty standard fauxback to the Big Red Machine uniforms. The number font is derived from @SFGiants58's UNC-inspired number font.



The alternate has "Reds" across the chest like the team's new jersey, and a white home cap is added as an option if they wanted to wear it on occasion.



The Cooperstown Collection is a fauxback to the 1936 design that the team threw back to last year. As previously stated, the Spring Training jersey proudly showcases Mr. Redleg.



That's what I've got for today, Cleveland will be up next. Thanks for following!

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On 4/18/2020 at 11:29 PM, Vincady said:

The Reds uniforms are really good! The grey uniform is by far the best custom reds uni i've ever seen. I just think the Cincinnati lettering needs to be moved up, it looks a little low. Still amazing designs though!

Thanks! It probably looks a little low because of the arch, but if I move it any higher it will start to collide with that 2nd button.

On 4/19/2020 at 1:56 AM, DaBestoftheWest said:

The reds with no black is always the best. Loooove the white hats as well

Agreed, black should have been dropped by the time of the 2007 redesign.


I’ll try to have Cleveland up tomorrow.

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Here is Cleveland:



The most notable change to the logos is the addition of an outline around the block C. The arched 1920 away wordmark returns, also with an outline. 




The striping on the sleeves is inspired by Francisco Lindor's socks, which is a pattern that gives the team some connection with the Browns. The red-heavy accents also return on the home uniform. I created a custom number font to match the block C.



I flipped the colors of the script on the red alternate, and decided to make the block C prominent on the navy uniform.



The Cooperstown Collection is a mix of the 2010's cream alternate and Cleveland's 1910's uniforms. The Spring Training set adds a red front-paneled cap.



And that's Cleveland! The Colorado Rockies will be up next.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Apologies for the long hiatus, as I have been busy with school and working on other projects, but here are the Colorado Rockies!


A brighter, richer purple is embraced as the team's true color, and it now fills in the letters on the home uniform. Also, a big thanks to @SFGiants58 for creating a custom "Colorado" away wordmark for me that better matches the home wordmark.




A new custom number font is implemented to match the cap logo. The two-stripe design on the sleeves, pants, and socks of the away is reminiscent of Colorado's original road design, while also acting as a subtle tribute to the Colorado flag.



Both alternates feature the interlocking "CR" logo with headspoon piping, as well as an added snow white pants option for when the purple jersey is worn at home.



The Cooperstown Collection uniform is based on the old Denver Bears, and doubles as a Colorado flag tribute uniform. The Spring Training uniform showcases the mountain logo.



And that's the Rockies, the Detroit Tigers will be up next!

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