Did you say I should get hair in the peanut butter, or that I shouldn't?

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Somehow, it's taken me 15 years to do a real concept featuring my namesake on here, but I've got time to work on stuff. I hinted at it in a lounge thread, but I actually cleaned it up a bit.





I'm not crazy about his legs/treatment of fur just yet, but I figured I'd share where I'm at for now. My plan is to do a legit logo set for the Orbiters.


FYI - The Orbiters are a real(ish) thing, used in trading cards and merchandise, which is why I chose red. Still working on this script.




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Really like this, but I think he’s just a tad bit too orange-y. I think a couple shades darker would be better.


I don’t think you have any issues with the fur, only that his arms / hands could use some of the same fur-type effect that you put into the legs and face.


I’d personally say you’re 95% of the way there so please don’t mess with it too much. 

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