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Fixing NFL Uniforms (Colts & Chargers)

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Hi. I'm here to fix the NFL's uniforms. Nike has taken over and left us with some bad designs, and theres a few nagging things out there that have just held on, simply because people never bothered to fix them. I'm here to tweak (Maybe overhaul) the NFL's uniforms.

Rules I gave myself for this:

- One helmet shell, but facemasks and decals can change

- Not changing any logos or colors, just uniforms

- Color Rush is not mandatory, some teams will have them, some teams won't.

- Ignoring the 3 year helmet, 5 year jersey change rule

- Not really going in any order, might not even do all 32

- Colors were taken from the logos themselves or from (yes the colts are still royal blue I just used their digital color)

- Yes they were done in Paint so they're not the *cleanest* but I did my best.

- Assume mixing and matching is allowed, I won't show *all* combinations but can show one if requested

- Moving Nike patch to chest across all teams


I'll start off with 2, since my first (Colts) is very simple. Biggest changes are White Mask, number font, and stripe consistency.



Next up, the LA Chargers. It's obvious they're getting new uniforms. Went bold on the Whites, Navy is the Color Rush alternate. Kept the Agency-esque font




Any comments and criticism is welcomed!

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