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New Templates!


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Hey all, I got my templates done for consumption. They are layered so there's a uni color layer, a design layer, a shadow layer, and an outline layer. So you can easily change the color, ad your designs, etc. They are kinda 3-D with shadows and such. The shadows are transparent so they'll look good with any color. Anyway, they also have manufacture logos, league logos (sorry couldn't find other soccer league logos except EPL and MLS) and some NCAA logos (Football, NCAA Circle, conferences) So you can ad those to your jersey templates. Illustrator 10 documents all in one zip file! Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey!


Uniform Templates (warning 6.4mb file)



(gifs could be coming soon, we'll see if I have time)

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stop guys I'm blushing. For those that are Illustrator 10 impared or have Inkscape (don't know if this will work for sure) or Freehand (it WILL work for sure...I use Freehand at work for some ungodly reason so I'm going from illustrator to freehand all day long)...here's eps versions. They are in version 7 so they should open in anything above that in illustrator or freehand 10 or 11, or corel draw for that matter. Oh, and photoshop. Probably not paint.

Also, upon further review, they aren't really set up right for raster use. If you really want to try it, I'll attempt to get those up soon...just let me know. I'll post what they look like soon.

Same File, EPS 7 (4.8mb this time...interesting how that works isn't it?)

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Okay, what needs to be done (at least for Illustrator) is they need to be extracted from the .zip file, then they need to be renamed so that the extension is .eps

This might work for freehand.

Also, totally awesome job, totally blown away. :notworthy:

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