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Atlanta Falcons Concept

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After the Falcons unveilved their uniforms yesterday, I was inspired to update my concept from a few years ago. I know it's similar to what the Jets have currently, but my original version of this dates back to 2016. 


Here's what I did:

- The red is brighter. Maybe it's just me, but I've always found their red to be just a shade too dark. At least the version from Team Color Codes is very drab on my screen.

- Helmet stays the same as the previous iteration. It looks good. No need to change it.

- The home jersey stays red, but the piping and sleeve cap design go. They're replaced by a chest stripe inspired by the primary logo. The font stays the same, but the drop shadow is gone. 

- The white jersey is an inverted version of the home one, with red and white being swapped. The only change is the chest text gets changed from Falcons to Atlanta, and the color is changed from black to red.

- The pants are white, with a simple black-red-black stripe. 

- The socks are taken from the 2009-2012 throwbacks, with black base, red bottom third, and thin white stripe above that. I've always loved that look. 



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I like the way this concept ties together so nicely! The striping on the sleeves/chest to match the primary logo is real sweet! I like that idea a lot. Don’t know if it would work on the pants as well, but it’s an idea. Any chance we’ll see a black alternate uni, too?

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