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Arizona Cardinals Logo Concept


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Arizona Cardinals Logo Concept:


Hey everyone, I'm working on updating the Arizona Cardinals brand (logo, colors, typefaces, uniforms, social graphics) and I thought it would be a good idea to include others in the design process with me. I'm starting this rebrand with the primary logo.


Weaknesses of the current logo:

   - Goofy/cartoony

   - Visually dark

   - Large points on the bottom fighting the direction of the logo


What I like about my redesign:

- More energetic and sharp shape

- Brighter colors that make the bird easier to distinguish

- Less personified

- More accurate representation of a Northern cardinal





I'd love to hear your thoughts about what I have so far!

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This is a great start, I like the energy and direction of the logo  a lot more. I'd work on refining your shapes, as they look a little abstract right now. Specifically, the eye and the beak are fairly simple shapes right now.

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