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Cleveland Browns Logos & Uniforms

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While we wait for the official release of new uniforms, I thought I'd dust off my semi-old logo concept for the Browns and pair it with some uniforms. As you'll see, I feel like the Browns can look great using a minimalistic old-school approach to their uniforms and logos. Nothing groundbreaking has been done here but I also didn't stick to reviving old uniforms. I sought to completely unite the brand  behind their striping pattern. When shown on their iconic orange helmets, the Brown/White/Brown stripes stand out and define the team's aesthetic. I took this stripe, plus an outer orange field to echo the look of the helmets, and utilized them on the uniforms. The color rush is simply a removal of white and gray altogether, including on the helmet, to create a new look for the team where the brown and orange can shine. Tell me what you think and thanks for taking a look!

Firstly, the logo set. Simple, versatile, retro, solid. Used the year of their first game. Feel free to disagree with that decision and tell me why I'm wrong. (1944, 1999, whatever you fancy)


These would be what I'd consider to be the primary light and dark looks for the team.


And here are each jersey paired with their only other regular pant option, white.


Finally, the new color rush design. None of these elements are to be worn with anything from the regular uniform options. The removal of all things not brown or orange defines this set.


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Adapting the Florida Gators’ striping convention for the Browns looks really good. Would think Brown pants would look good too, sounds like those are coming in reality based on Paul Lukas’ article today

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