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Cleveland Browns - Logo Concept


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While I was generally pleased with the Cleveland Browns uniform updates this week, I was also disappointed that they made no effort to develop a “real” logo for the team.

Past attempts at both bulldog and elf logos have fallen short but the helmet logo simply has to be retired. 


In response, I threw together a quick draft idea. Now, I’ve officially developed design blindness.


What say the board? Is the concept an upgrade to existing and previous Browns marks? How could it be improved? I know there is some line cleanup and fine-tuning to be done but I wanted to settle on the major aspects first.


Thanks in advance!




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Agree that I’d like to see a bulldog as their primary mark over the helmet. It fits the Dawg Pound so well. 

I’ve owned bulldogs for nearly 20 years. One thing to consider is their underbite — they have a massive underbite that I’m not quite seeing here. The teeth feel a touch too close together, and bulldog teeth tend to point outwards at an angle. 



If you want to get a bit campy, you could add a spiked collar to use as the line around the neck. 

Overall, nice work!

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I thought you'd get more feedback so I didn't jump at first to share my opinion but here are my thoughts on it:


Really really well rendered. I think it fits the style of the NFL. I prefer the lighter orange but that's not your fault, its their organizations! I think your first draft is perfect as is and I personally see the update as a downgrade. To me at least-the neck provides shape and the new one is more of a disembodied head. I understand why you went that route, but I think the neck looks stronger. I also like the teeth better in the first draft-still portrays the underbite and doesn't look as "dopey". 


Like I said-the first draft is perfect in my eyes. No changes are needed. but if I had to nitpick any areas, it would be the shape of the ear on the left, how thin the brown in the eyebrow on the left gets, and the shape in the chin. I think that the first chin is rendered better but the oval shape could use some variance, right now it looks like one path with a heavy stroke weight. The forehead wrinkle should also shift to the right a bit to better fit the perspective. The wordmark is probably the weakest part.


Amazing job dude. I really really like this logo and wish it'd be implemented. 

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On 4/18/2020 at 9:58 PM, mvk said:

Their mascot is a bullmastiff, if you’re going to add a dog logo, probably should use that as inspiration.


That's a good point. That breed doesn't have the underbite. 


It's not too hard an adjustment. Maybe lengthen the ears a touch. 


Also I wonder what it would look like it the pooch was happy. 

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