2020 Uniform Rankings

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4 minutes ago, Maroon&Gold said:

In no particular order



















Nice i slept on the niners uniforms

My list would be similar i LOVE the saints uniforms tho lol I my bottom 5 is the same cept i have Panthers instead of saints

I had Steelers, Vikes, Bucs, Bills, Browns, Packers, Cowboys, Saints, Niners, and Raiders as my top 10 

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For the record, I am biased towards old school/traditional-based uniforms.  Here's how I rank them.


1. Bears - Homer alert since they are my team!  One of the most iconic NFL uniforms ever period!  Grade - A+

2. Packers - Another iconic uniform set and classic colors.  NFC North for the most part always had solid uniforms and color schemes.  Grade - A+

3. Chiefs - Awesome uniforms from a team that has rarely changed its look.  Even the all-red monochrome looks great and I usually frown upon monochrome uniforms. Grade - A+

4. Raiders - Whether they are in Oakland, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, the Raiders always know how to look good even during seasons where they play poorly..  Grade - A+

5. Steelers - Excellent uniforms, even with the italicized numbers.  Grade - A

6. Colts - Recent tweaks while retaining their classic look.  Blue pants would be welcoming once in a while as their all-blue color rush is one of the better of the color rush looks.  Grade -A

7. Bills - Solid uniforms all-around.  The white jersey/blue pants combo is one of their best looks.  Red Color Rush jersey would look better with white pants.  Grade - A

8. Cowboys - Another classic NFL look even with the different shades of blue and silver.  Would be fine if they stick to one shade of blue and one shade of silver.  Grade - A

9. Buccaneers - Last year, this team would ranked dead last or next to last among all teams.  But with the recent rebrand, the Bucs have gone from an F to an A!  They never should had changed their look after 2013.  A return to the 1997-2013 look (with some modern touches) is a huge blessing!  Grade - A

10. Chargers - Excellent upgrade. Beforehand, they would have been in the bottom half of the list.  The Chargers did a great job (mostly) on their new uniforms.  Love the vibrant color scheme of powder blue and athletic gold (yellow).  Even the italicized number font isn't too bad.  Both the color rush uniforms are pointless, though. Too many colors. Even though the royal blue one is better looking, I would keep the navy one instead as Chargers have history with that color.  Besides, royal blue/athletic gold belong to the Rams.  BTW, the Chargers should still be in San Diego!  Grade - A

11. Browns - What a difference a year makes!  Last year, the Browns would be among the worst-looking teams.  With their recent rebrand returning to how they should look.  The color rush is pointless and orange jersey and pants would be welcomed. Brown pants would look better with orange/white/orange piping. Nonetheless, a massive improvement for the Browns.  Grade A-

12. Redskins - Another solid look and unique color scheme.  I know their team name is problematic to some and are ranked low because of it.  The throwbacks are good.  Grade - A-  

13. 49ers - Overall, solid.  But the sleeves on the home and road sets should have three stripes.  The throwbacks have three stripes on the sleeves.  At least the BFBS color rush trash are gone permanently.  Grade - B+

14. Texans - Overall nice look.  Navy pants would look better with red socks (like they used to do).  Red alternate is solid (should be primary).  All-navy color rush w/red numbers is unnecessary. Grade - B+

15. Vikings - One of the better Nike redesigns of the past decade.  Nice combinations of modern and traditional designs.  Helmet face-masks should be purple and not black.  Also, the purple pants should be worn with white socks.  Grade - B

16. Giants - Home blue jerseys are great but the lack of blue on the road whites really bugs me.  I know its a quick that works with a lot of people but still, the Giants are BIG BLUE, not BIG RED.  The white color rush/throwbacks are great, however.  Grade - B

17. Eagles - Helmets are great and the uniforms are solid for the most part.  Even though I prefer the Eagles in Kelly green, I don't actually mind the midnight green.  The all-black look I can do without though.  Grade B-

18. Lions - Actually a decent modernized uniform set.  No more black is a plus.  The blue pants are good (would look better with silver socks though).  The throwbacks are good but the color rush is trash (doesn't even match the helmet).  Grade B-

19. Broncos - One of the better "modern" uniforms (they're the ones that started it).  I like orange as the primary color jersey. Could be improved if they found a way to add more orange to the road whites.  Their orange color rush is among the better of the "Color Rush" uniforms.  Grade - B-

20. Saints - This team should get an easy A as they have one of the best helmets in the NFL and would had made my top 10 but they wear the all-black leotard look way too much!  They also have been wearing white socks with the white jerseys too!  Not good.  I do like the color rush jerseys (would look better with gold or black socks).  Too bad as black jersey/gold pants and white jersey/gold pants is a solid look. The black pants need piping badly! Grade - C+

21. Dolphins - The tweaks to the current uniforms (such as adding more orange) were a plus.  The aqua pants would look better with white socks and the face-mask would look better in aqua.  The throwbacks are solid, however, and should be the primary and I'd grade them higher.  Grade - C+

22. Panthers - Logo is good, the uniforms are okay but the black pants should be worn with either light blue or silver socks.  Grade - C+

23. Seahawks - Helmet logo is solid. Normally, I would rank a monochrome-heavy uniform look so low, but the Seahawks have made it their thing.  I do appreciate the Seahawks' efforts for standing out as the jerseys are actually decent for a modern-based uniform. I would swamp the lime green for Kelly green though.  Also add green to the piping on the green pants.
Grade - C

24. Ravens - Jerseys are fine but I would grade them higher if not for the leotard look they sometimes wear.  Add piping to the black pants and change the socks to either purple or white.  Grade - C

25. Jaguars - Improvement over the previous set but still short one what it could be.  Numbers lack trim and the pants lack piping.  For example, the white jerseys lack teal and the black pants are always with black socks, creating the leotard look.  There is potential here but the look is too simplistic.  Grade - C-

26. Patriots - Two steps forward, three steps back.  The jersey by itself is an improvement BUT where are the silver (or white) pants?!  Going fully monochrome is a big no-no!  At least the navy pants have piping, saving it from a complete leotard look.  But the socks should be either white or silver.  The silver helmet seems to clash too much with the rest of the uniforms, which featured very little silver.  Again, add the silver pants and the uniform would improve.  Grade - D+

27. Jets - While I do like an updated attempted on the often underrated 80s/90s look, the Jets swung and missed.  Only redeeming quality is that I do like the shade of green the Jets use.  The BFBS color rush is awful though and the "New York" word-mark on the jerseys is unnecessary.  Grade - D

28. Cardinals - Logo is great.  Rest of the uniforms...not so much.  Home red jersey is mostly tolerable.  But the road has an unnecessary red yoke.  Weird piping and BFBS color rush.  Also, gray face-masks don't mesh well with modernized uniforms especially when gray or silver isn't used on the jerseys/pants. Grade - D

29. Bengals - The only good thing about these are uniforms are the helmets.  From the drop shadows to the unnecessary white panels.  Team needs to rebrand badly.  Also bring back the Bengal head logo!  Grade - D-

30. Falcons - Ugh.  The previous set was a piping mess (minus the throwback), but these new threads are even worse!  From the monochrome look to the red/black gradient jersey. Also "ATL" on the jerseys in large letters? If only the Falcons had used their throwbacks as a base for the new look.  At least the Browns learned their lesson.  
Grade - F

31. Titans - Easily the worst looking team in the NFL right now, since the Bucs and Browns have upgraded from their respective monstrosities.  From the navy helmets to the weird piping on the pants.  The old Titans look, while not perfect, was acceptable.  The Titans could had own light blue but chose to be another navy blue team.  Also, the one-helmet rule prevents them from wearing Titans throwbacks and the Oilers (I still miss them).  Grade - F

0. Rams - Too early to judge as they haven't relieved their new look yet.  A lot of people seem to hate their new logo.  Hopefully, that is not a signal of things to come.  The return to the classic colors (royal blue/athletic gold) is a plus and an improvement over the St. Louis-era colors.
Grade - Incomplete

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Top 10:












Middle 15:

















Bottom 6:








I'm leaving the Rams off until they unveil their new uniforms, but I'm guessing from what we heard, they'll be in the bottom 6.

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From worst to first:


Rams- I’m preparing for the worst. 


Titans- The Numbers are poorly designed and look hideous on the :censored:ty sword woke, the pants stripes are gaudy and look uninspired, rather business for its own sake. The helmet is cool, but still feels cluttered


Falcons- (copied from twitter) The new Falcons uniforms are bad from a technical perspective and fail to achieve the mission statements the team released during the unveiling. Since they “owned the black”, the team failed to use red well on the white uniform, and it makes the side stripe look out of place. The all-black set is probably the best set, but even then, it doesn’t feel like they wanted to incorporate red. Like they designed in B/W and felt the pressure to add red wherever they could to save face. To be fair, this idea can work when you have a coherent design strategy and don’t just “listen and respond.” The gradient attempting to bridge between black and red looks tacky and only works w one pants option. They didn’t “reflect the modern progression of Atlanta.” Atlanta is a burgeoning metropolis, but in no way is it a futuristic wonderland. The shiny silver facemask, tacky gradient and the oversized numbers don’t say anything about Atlanta, but instead show a lack of focus on the core identity of the city. The ATL on the chest looks embarrassing, frankly, and sadly that’s the only thing on the uniform that actually represents the city to its fans and the public at large. Even worse, that’s somehow not the worst thing about this uniform. I could go on for days about wordmarks on NFL uniforms, but this ATL is possibly the worst one I’ve ever seen, maybe on par with the Lions wordmark on their sleeve. But the Lions uniform overall is at least quality and allows your eye to focus on the set as a whole, the ATL is an eyesore. The number font feels like it’s from 2003, while their old number font (from 2003) was far superior and felt like a modern classic. The idea of “keeping it simple” is nice when the identifying features you try to incorporate don’t feel poorly executed and forced for their own sake.


Cardinals- The numbers are pretty alright, but the piping, although improved on the VU template, feels almost as unnecessary and busy as it did when it was unveiled in 2006. I find it hard to find myself enjoying the way the look and won’t watch many cards games because of it.


Bengals- To me, it feels like they had all the right pieces, but then added some more. The Black uniform would be killer if not for the side panels or the drop shadow, although I think the number font itself isn’t all that bad. The away would be great if not for the side panels and the unnecessary yoke, as well as the drop shadow on the numbers. The set as a whole just tries to do too much.


Jaguars- Where the other sets feel like they do too much, this one feels like it does too little. A little bit more gold and black on the teal uniform, some teal numbers with gold and black on the away, and some pants striping would’ve done wonders. (probably would’ve knocked it into my top 10)


Patriots- Well, I wrote about how all they needed was their color rush, and I was surprisingly proven wrong by the evil empire. The update they intended to create fell extremely flat on its face for a few reasons: Firstly, the number font is a failure. The old number font was probably too “early 2000’s design” for many of y’all, but the weights on the vertical and horizontal sections were much more complimentary than in the 2020 update. Note that I did not say good. The 5 and 2 need a lot of work, the weights work well in some numbers and feel overly contrived in others. However, they aren’t the worst things I’ve ever laid eyes on. The primary reason of this is an easily identifiable contrast in the aforementioned weighting of the numbers, and because of this, it added depth and a real design into numbers that would look minor-league if simply a double-outlined block (see: Bucs critique for why that looks dumb). The current numbers, however, are bad. The contrast, once easily recognizable and visually distinct from other block number sets in the league, now feels like an optical illusion. I don’t *think* I see the contrast in weights, but at the same time I recognize that there is one. This alone is extremely abrasive to my ability to take in the rest of the uniform, but the continued use of silver on the numbers (WITHOUT FURTER INCORPORATION INTO THE REST OF THEIR ENTIRE UNIFORM) makes the numbers even further visually separated from the rest of a traditional uniform, one that probably called for either a standard block or a rounded block (ala Chargers numbers or something I’ll release in a little bit). The previous pants striping was far superior and would’ve worked well with a slight infusion of grey, which would’ve been helpful in tying together the entire uniform instead of leaving the grey disjointed from the set. The use of Pat Patriot on the sleeve caps is genuinely one of the dumbest thing’s I’ve ever seen, the helmet has the logo on the side, why create redundancy and force it on the sleeve caps, which can only be seen from the side (same goes for the Panthers, btw)? TV numbers would’ve been a much better solution to filling that space. Re:redundancy, You have the wordmark (uninspiring at best, a failure in brand extension at worst) on the chest, with the logo sitting right under it. If they were concerned about retail value, that should’ve solved the problem.


Jets- Save for the helmet, this looks like a college uniform for some fictitious reality where New York was a college football hotbed. The uniform feels gimmicky yet too empty at the same time. The giant “NEW YORK” feels like it was ripped straight from a Nike Catalog option, despite it being the custom font made for the Jets. The color distribution feels off for every set except for the black one, and the fact that black is solely a facemask color on the helmets is one of the biggest little eyesores Nike has made since the start of its NFL contract (possibly 3rd worst, only to the stitching on the 2015 Browns and flywire). Not saying that the old uniforms were better, but this set left a lot to be desired.


Buccaneers- (taken and modified from the Bucs uniform thread) The traditional-ish pant stripe (although in nontraditional colors) and a lack of serious sleeve stripe, only replaced with color blocking on the elastic portion of the jersey (not shown in this photo) are kinda, well... boring. The team, during this giant merchandising boom of the 90's, dramatically scale themselves back aesthetically. It makes no sense, that with the name that they had and the new logo that they had, etc. that from a uniform standpoint, they look like they could be playing against the Rock in The Gameplan. It was unimaginative, derivative, and aesthetically bland. The logos and uniform contrast in an unsettling fashion, with an uber-modern design and typeface are used for the uniform, while the rest of the uniform is just ripped from 1996. It’s not something to write home about, the look is as offensively bland as possible without being the Jaguars.


Saints- There is so much left to be desired in this set. This would be much higher if the wore the Color Rush on the road, used that same fabric for the home numbers, as well as the use of gold pants at home with a Brashier stripe. It’s not a bad look as it is, and there are a lot of pieces to not only make the uniform look

good, but great, but the primary home and road looks were monochrome, which dramatically reduce the look in my rankings. 


Panthers- It has (sadly) fallen victim to the changing trends in uniform templates and player preferences, but the over-the-shoulder stripe could’ve been saved if this did something similar to how UCLA has done their stripes. They use the inferior all-black combo as their home uniform, compared to the black jersey, silver pants look. The all white, although strong in its own right, leaves a lot to be desired. The jersey doesn’t incorporate the tapered striping from the helmet or pants, and looks out of place. I think the new panther was an upgrade, just fails to take into account the rather tame uniform, and creates a Buccaneers 2020-tpyype situation, where the uniform feels too old for the logo, or vice-versa. Another thing, the TV numbers are tiny and gross. They aren’t large enough to be helpful and are placed awkwardly in between the stripe and collar. They’d look much better if increased in size and moved to the sleeves, reducing the number of Panthers on the set to 3 (they need to get rid of the panther on the pants, too. That’s stupid.


Packers- The current collar striping looks busy and detracts from an otherwise simple set. It’s hard to rate it higher when the update to the VU alone would help out the color and texture of the uniform. Personal gripe, but the shoulder stripes are slightly better than the ones from the 60’s, but that’s a low bar. I have no solutions on how to ornament the Packers’ sleeves, but I will. One day


Cowboys- WHERE TO BEGIN? 4 different blues, 3 different silvers, black on the home stripes, different numbers on the home and away, etc. This is a butchered version of what was once a beautiful team. But also, were they? We don’t really talk about this, but their shade of blue even back in the supposed heyday of uniforms was royal, while the rest of the set used navy/a darker royal, similar to the Cubs in the mid aughts. The numbers felt too thin to cover the rest of the uniform, while the sleeve stripes were equally weak. Regardless, I can’t help but place them lower. The stripes on the home are the right size, and the elements all

feel there. Both the home and away are (relatively) strong in their own right, but don’t mesh well when put together.


Seahawks- The main issue I have with this set is the heavy use of home navy monochrome, although I can’t dock it too much because I believe that the set was designed with this in mind. However, the predominance of grey in both the home and away sets dilute the uniform’s color even more, and I suppose also convey the drab Seattle weather. The lime or whatever they wanna call it is too sparse to liven the uniform, and fails to take advantage of an interesting contrast.

Steelers -Now we’re getting into the are of splitting hairs to determine the worst and best of the “pretty alright” uniform sets. For what it’s worth, everything starting with the Saints I think has a good potential home and away combo, and some even wear that combination, but at this point it comes down to personal preference. I’m fine with the number font. I think a modified block font (not standard block. Standard block fonts SUCK) would work better, but hey, it’s cool. If Iowa can get all the sleeve stripes onto their uniforms, so can an NFL team. Also, the logo on the collarbone is stupid and bad and unnecessary. They have an iconic look. We understand who they are. There is NO NEED to put your logo on the uniform. 


Washington- This is fine. Like, it’s a fine uniform set. I like how they didn’t screw anything up with this uniform, like they do everything else in their organization. Only knock is the wordmark on the front. It’s rated this low because there is a giant American Indian on the logo, with “REDSKINS” being the aforementioned wordmark.

Giants- New York is an interesting one for me. On one hand, I’m drawn to their look because 50’s New York holds a special place in my heart (the Brooklyn Dodgers are by far the coolest team to ever exist in North American professional sports), and on the other, it feels like the uniform was designed in the 50’s. A lot of mismatched elements, completely separate home and away looks, the use of the logo on the home jersey. The “ny” logo isn’t bad, and over time have come to appreciate its artfulness, so by no means is that my issue with their current set. It’s a different brand of bland compared to the LT set, as well as strong enough commercially to be a “better” uniform than the Jaguars.


Raiders- The Raiders are an interesting case where I like them, and I understand why they won’t be updated, but still feel the need to scream about updating the number font. The color rush should be the current away (with silver pants of course), and the home uniform is fine the way it is, but a modified block similar to the Jags, not Browns or Chargers, is the way to go. Sharp edges, but with character and class. 


Dolphins- the drop shadow on the wordmark (which shouldn’t even be on the uniform) is what kills me. The updated dolphin is good! I think there could be a little more flow to him, right now he looks like he’s belly-flopping, but overall I think it’s a well done, strongly crafted logo. The 2018 edit made this set a lot better, but I think the TV numbers should be moved to the sleeves, as this set runs into the same problem that the Patriots, Panthers, Saints, Bucs, Falcons, and Ravens run into. The logo doesn’t need to be on the sleeve if it is already on the helmet. The number font needs to be tweaked, because right now it feels unpolished and lazy. 


Eagles- Pros:
-the eagle wing is iconic and a beautiful helmet sticker
-the use of midnight green is really good with black and silver, and the color 
-the uniform layout, although basic, uses each element to its highest capability. You know and feel that each piece was designed specifically for their current color scheme.
-The midnight green feels too blue on the matte fabric. I like the matte fabric more than the sheen, but if it were hue shifted just a tad, this uniform would move up a few spots. 


Bills- it’s a football uniform! The navy is kinda dumb but whatever, and the wordmark should be removed from the front of the uniform. I wish they incorporated the helmet stripe style into more elements of the uniform, as I strongly stand by the idea of using elements of your logo to enhance the uniform design, if possible. This ranks lower not because of what it is, but because of what I’m thinking about looks so cool compared to what they have. 
Colts- I had the Colts higher originally, but the notes that Brandon and Matt made about the wordmark have me really upset about that for some reason? The black swoosh is dumb, other than those two things this is a really good set. But for some reason those two things loom large over what should be a top 5 set. 


Ravens- for reference, I’m judging the traditional home and away uniforms, and for the Ravens, I’ve decided on the purple jersey/white pants/black socks combo as well as the white Jersey/black pants/black and white socks combo. This is how to use an entire logoslick effectively. Each part of the uniform receives a different logo, but none of the feel out of place or that they should be in another spot. The numbers are solid and although follow a lot of the trends of the turn of the century design they came from, fail to feel as dated as other sets from the era due to how they manage color. The simplicity of the rest of the uniform allows the number to become the focal point of each uniform, and the numbers are able to carry the design because of their complex simplicity. I wish they got rid of the helmet stripes and worked on solidifying their best color combinations. 


Lions- Now you may be saying “well :censored:, why are they here? The numbers feel strange, the charcoal outline on the homes is stupid, the wordmark on the sleeves is bad design, William Clay Ford was a terrible owner and shouldn’t be honored with a patch that obscures an entire sleeve stripe, the lion on the helmet shouldn’t have a blue outline, and the facemask should be blue!” And I completely agree with every single statement there, BUT when I watch Lions games and see that home uniform against the Chiefs or Eagles or whoever, I can’t help but recognize the quality in the complete set. The tiny little nitpicks would usually add up, but something about how they’re structured can’t make me help but recognize that these uniforms are expertly designed around the constraints put on the designers. My assumption was that there was a mandate about the wordmark and some sort of large tribute to WCF, so they tried the best they could. And it works.


Browns- these would hop the 49ers and chiefs if the brown pants were replaced by orange pants with the same striping as the helmet. The brown striped pants look so out of place, with each other article in the home and away set including white. The numbers need to pick between mitered corners and rounded ones. A simple rounding would’ve worked and still would’ve been classic. I think it works fine for the most part, but that’s just a lil nitpick I have compared to the previously mentioned pants. 


49ers- they could’ve had 3 stripes and the wordmark doesn’t need to be on the chest. The logo feels out of place with its use of black, but is constructed to where it needs black. It’s a tough situation, and one that can easily be solved without losing the good parts of the logo (the drop shadow and amazing color balance, which applies to the pre-96 logo as well)


Chiefs- I don’t hate em. A grey facemask and black shoes would make this better, but I doubt it would move them up in the rankings. The design they currently have has peaked, and they’re left either to innovate or stay the same. The same is classic, and shouldn’t change for a bit. 


Bears- this look has been fine tuned over many years to achieve the best possible look it can. The numbers are iconic and bridge over 70 years of the franchise together, while the uniforms maximize their stylistic potential with the design given and the colors they have. The away uniforms are superior to the home uniforms simply because the striping is more effective and less cluttered than the home set. It’s proper ornamentation, rather than a design that feels like it was patched up to work on a dark color and magically worked out. I prefer the all-white combo, but that’s just me. 


Texans- The Texans brand, which I’ve already gone over in it’s own 2,000 word post, is bland. However, this set is really, REALLY good. I usually believe that there is a need for a mission statement to be had, a story to be told when constructing a uniform. Nike has shown me how that can go wrong, and equally right. The Texans are outside of this realm. They exist perpetually as a ghost of a greater team long gone, a team that meant more to the city than they ever will. The chase is futile; year after year they further distance themselves from the plains of relevance, creating an identity in their lack of identity. They have no story. These uniforms embody that. 


Chargers- I want to nitpick this uniform but I can’t. It’s simple and iconic, rooted in team history while designed specifically with modern templates in mind. The numbers are fine italicized, and the outline is strong. I do take issue with the 3 and 8, because the indentations should’ve been rounded. The yellow pants are by far the inferior option, so let’s hope they don’t wear them. Speaking of numbers, the helmet numbers don’t really bother me. I’m only trying to go over simply home and away uniforms, so I’ll leave the Chargers alts to their own post, but overall I love this set. 


Broncos- I know a lot of people are going to absolutely flame me for this take, and rightfully so. It shouldn’t work. The stripe goes the wrong way, the uniforms served as a catalyst for the explosion in side panels, the don’t have any sleeve design, and many, many people will point to the color rush as being superior. HOWEVER, I’m going to go down the list and explain why each of these things isn’t so terrible, and furthermore, that some of those things are not only good, but great. First, the helmet stripe. I was really upset with the stripe for a long time, however upon further examination I have found an appreciation for why it’s designed the way it is. The three “stripes” are able to tie into the logo’s three stylistic clumps that represent the mane of the bronco, while the tapering works at bringing the viewer’s attention to, depending on how it’s interpreted, towards the front of the uniform, aiming at the player’s face (something I’ll talk about in a second), or the nameplate, where a strong custom font displays the name of the player. Putting a focus on the individual through subtle use of graphic elements is continued to the front, where the side panels formally serve a purpose and extend beyond modern day side panels, creating a subliminal leading line back to the player’s face as well as framing the player’s number, operating to focus the viewer the most important element of the uniform: who’s wearing them. The home balances color extremely well, and the away avoids the lack of orange on the styling with an ingenious trim on the front facing side of the paneling to maintain a good balance of navy and orange. While many would argue that the color rush, or alternate or whatever they want to call it, is far superior, there are a few reasons I disagree. I won’t get into the monochrome argument, as I know that supporters of that look often also argue for white pants, but I mention it because, admittedly, the monochrome looks pretty good. The D horse is a poorly constructed logo despite a solid conceptual idea, and every update I’ve seen with the new bronco looks forced, as if the new bronco got loaded into beetle and shipped across the country in that thing. The traditional striping and block numbers are a poor fit for the modern, sleeker bronco, and would only make sense if you brought back the old bronco (see: Panthers, Bucs on how the old uniform designs and modern logos don’t mesh well). As I’ve already explained however, the old bronco kinda blows (pun intended), so there’s no reason to bring it back.


Vikings- Purple, white, or gold facemask, maybe finding a way to restructure the horn so it doesn’t need black? Idk, I’ll work on drawing it out. I think that’s it. I know a lot of you might hate the weird number treatment they have going on, but personally? I don’t mind it. It works with the overall design and when the game is going on, the numbers feel like a cohesive block rather than independently floating objects.

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Instead of ranking them against each other, I'm going to tier them, and give my quick fixes. Within the tiers, there is no particular order.


Hot trash (outdated or overly garish, clearly better previous looks, please start over) 


Titans - armpit stripes should never exist, font is bad, two-tone stripes are stupid, everything sucks.

Cardinals - these looked outdated 10 years ago.

Bengals - mismatched side panels are even worse than regular side panels, font is wacky.

Falcons - this is an XFL uniform.

I'd expect the Rams to end up here.


Not good (needs some work, but not terrible)


Jaguars - if you have 3 colors aside form white, use them all. 

Ravens - none of the pant options look good, bad execution of great color scheme.

Broncos - easily the best of the late 90s/early 00s looks left. It's not that bad, but there's better options.

Saints - use the gold pants regularly and they're in the good pile. Even so, they're a little plain to me.


Average (it's okay, I guess)


Eagles - ditch the drop shadows and use a decent stripe.

Giants - glaring inconsistency between home and away fills me with rage.

Panthers - silver clutters up the color scheme, helmet stripes don't make sense.

Cowboys - same as giants, but worse.

Patriots - Add silver pants and they're in the good pile.

Seahawks - A lot going on, but it works somehow. Tone it down a little and they're good.


Good (tweak or two away from being great)


Redskins - striping inconsistency throws it off.

Buccaneers - do you really need black and pewter? 

Browns - make the striping always dark/light/dark and they're great.

Jets - take out black outlines and make the triangles closer to plane wings.

Lions - take out the lions wordmark in the stripes.

Texans - make reds the primary.

49ers - add some gold to both jerseys and they're great.

Dolphins - font could be better, maybe add some sleeve stripes.


Great (untouchable or small tweak needed)


Bills - remove navy and you're golden.

Chargers - add TV numbers, it looks too simple.

Vikings - remove font horns.

Chiefs - red jersey stripe is different form red pants stripe.

Colts - black swoosh is dumb, white facemask please.

Packers - not a fan of the sleeve stripes.

Bears - striping inconsistency across jerseys.

Raiders - timeless classic, but black facemask looks amazing.

Steelers - I honestly prefer Futura above varsity block.



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5 hours ago, Htown1141 said:

Panthers- It has (sadly) fallen victim to the changing trends in uniform templates and player preferences, but the over-the-shoulder stripe could’ve been saved if this did something similar to how UCLA has done their stripes. They use the inferior all-black combo as their home uniform, compared to the black jersey, silver pants look. The all white, although strong in its own right, leaves a lot to be desired. The jersey doesn’t incorporate the tapered striping from the helmet or pants, and looks out of place. I think the new panther was an upgrade, just fails to take into account the rather tame uniform, and creates a Buccaneers 2020-tpyype situation, where the uniform feels too old for the logo, or vice-versa. Another thing, the TV numbers are tiny and gross. They aren’t large enough to be helpful and are placed awkwardly in between the stripe and collar. They’d look much better if increased in size and moved to the sleeves, reducing the number of Panthers on the set to 3 (they need to get rid of the panther on the pants, too. That’s stupid.

They don't have the logo on the pants anymore, they got rid of those in 2018 when they switched to the new template. I think all-black should be the primary look as long as they use blue socks with it, the silver only serves to clutter up the color scheme and dull up the striping. I believe if they switched to a blue helmet and got rid of the silver, they should go with white over white, black over black, and blue over white, with only blue socks and burn anything silver. 

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I should probably update my list, I made it a couple years back, but my top 10 is











My bottom 5 is the part I need to update obviously, but I had








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In no particular order within the group:


Top of the pack:













2nd Tier:


























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