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NFL Concepts by mcrosby - Sep.26 updates


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Alright, big wall of text time!


Cardinals — I’m kind of surprised how well this works overall. The sand/grey fits well in the color scheme and is pretty believable as a color to replace white. One thing that bothers me is the stripe. You took a lot of care to keep the line weight consistent around the star, except for the two horizontal points, which, at least to my eyes makes it feel incomplete and the impact of the star lessened. The alternate is a bit much for me personally, but it definitely achieves the look you were going for.


Falcons — I could take it or leave it. I don’t like the Falcons current uniforms, so your similar design doesn’t do much for me. The logo is well designed, though this is a case where I probably wouldn’t pick it over the current logo. Not really a fan of the alt, though it certainly evokes the style you’re trying to achieve, so I guess it’s a success.


Ravens — The logo is an extremely interesting take on the current one, and an improvement in my mind. I also am a big fan of the iridescence idea, and actually makes sense for the team, so I could get behind it. I’d personally keep the purple a bit darker, but it still looks good here. When it comes to the Maryland flag elements, honestly they feel a bit forced to me, though I’ve never truly seen a concept I’ve liked with them, including my own concepts. The biggest thing I have questions about is the number font, as is it seems way too big to work on a jersey, and it’s such a unique font idea, I’d really want to see a full set to get a true picture of how it would look.


Bills — I like the Bills overall, it’s a good modern take on the current look and works in the chest stripe idea well. (Side note: When it comes to the concepts with the chest stripe, I really think the template you’re using hinders the ideas you’re trying to get across due to all the extra visual information of the stitching and panels getting in the way or not matching the contours of the stripes). While I don’t necessarily think the logo is an improvement over the current one, it’s definitely well designed and would be a solid logo in general. The alternate I can get behind as long as the sublimation is very subtle. The alternate helmet is ridiculous in a good way.


Panthers — I really like this. The logo vastly improves on the current one and I really like the new color scheme combined while retaining the idea of the current uniform design.


Bears — If I’m being honest, the logo looks unfinished to me. As someone who has struggled with eyes a lot in the past, the bear head reminds me of numerous “almost final” drafts I’ve done. The uniforms work, though I prefer the current number font. The alternate runs into the problem of the numbers being way too small, but overall it’s an interesting take on civic pride.


Bengals — I get the concept you’re going for with the logo, but to me it looks like the C is bursting from the inside rather than it having tiger stripes. Much like the current Bengals design, I think the uniforms are stylization gone too far. It takes a really great idea with the shoulder stripes and tries to do a bit too much with it (particularly on the numbers and the extension onto the chest.


Browns — These remind me a lot of Steelers concepts I’ve done in the past, enlarging the sleeve stripes. It works pretty well for a modern take on the classic design. Overall anything to complain about here becomes more of a personal taste thing.


Cowboys — Great.


Broncos — I personally don’t like how the white (orange on the away) extends underneath the blue shoulder panel on the sleeves, but you’re clearly going for a more faithful replication of the uniform its based on, so I understand the decision.


Lions — This is another update I really like. Looking at both versions I definitely agree with extending the stripes to the end of the jerseys.


Packers — Converting the Packers G into a football is fun, but I personally really dislike the stenciled portion on the left side. I may be the only person, but my brain notices that the green spaces on either side of the G aren’t aligned and it makes the whole logo appear unbalanced to me. Not really sure if that’s even worth trying to fix, but it’s something I notice. The stenciled number font doesn’t work for me either, and I think could become a legibility nightmare. I get the idea behind it, but I don’t think it works here.


Texans — I like the new color scheme and am a big fan of the branding iron logo. I could take it or leave it on the chest spikes and the color blocking on the pants, but the execution is there. I think it was a good move removing the current logo from the design, ultimately your logo and the current one just don’t work well together. The space theme matches excellently with the space suit inspired design.


Colts — I think the notches on the jersey are a bit too much, and the alternate jersey is a bit gimmicky. Otherwise, the updated logo works well, and I’m always a fan of extending shoulder hoops.


Chiefs — Apparently this will be an unpopular opinion, but I hate the jagged beveling on the numbers. That being said, I like the idea of beveling if it were straight. The logo is a nice reimagining of the current one and I love the Dallas Texans inspired alternate logo, very clever.


Chargers — While I don’t have a problem with using a rhino in general, I find that there is way too much going on with how you rendered this one. Rather than looking at the rhino itself, I find I get lost in the horn/ear/third spike area. Attempting to combine the horn with the lightning bolt makes the whole thing extremely busy and takes away from the rest of the logo as a whole. The uniforms are solid.


Raiders — The logo and uniforms are solid modernizations of the current uniforms, and I love the incorporation of the sign on the primary logo. I’m really glad you switched away from the neon sign alternation, which was about 18 levels too gimmicky. The new alternate with the extra metallic silver works much better.

Dolphins — I really like logos, primary uniforms, and the color scheme. These all fit the team extremely well and are unique without going too over the top. Not a fan of the vaporwave uniform though. It’s a fun concept idea, but there is way too much visual noise. I feel like I’ll get a headache if I stare at it too long.


Vikings — I absolutely love the uniforms, the striping is a perfect mix of traditional and modern, and it works perfectly. Much like the Raiders, I think the alternate is pretty gimmicky. I get the idea, but I’m just not a fan personally. The logo I’m a bit torn on, I think there are times when a modernization of a logo goes too far, and this is toeing the line. Generally I like the chunkier line weight style, but here it just feels like too much. I think the logo would benefit if the line weights were slightly reduced.


Giants — The logo is fun, though obviously not very realistic. The new NY treatment is excellent and gives me a Penn Station departure/arrival board vibe, which is about as New York as it gets. I applaud the idea behind the numbers, looking larger by creating tilt. Ultimately, I’m not sure it works all that well, but it’s definitely a fun idea.


Patriots — Your Pat Patriot logo is an absolute classic of CCSLC concepts and has really held up over the years. I wasn’t particularly a fan of the original primary stripes, the northwestern pattern created some color balance issues to me. The new one reminds me a lot of a certain person’s concept design from the past. That being said, I like it. It’s definitely gaudy but not so gaudy that it doesn’t work. If anything, I’d like to see the Clarendon font a little less fat and squat. Something closer to the UCLA version in recent years would be perfect. The alternate is an interesting idea, though I think something more subtle, like how the New England Revolution handled a similar idea, would work better.


Saints — This works well. The alternate is a bit over the top, but I could see this being something that looks better in actual application than in a flat concept. The wrought iron is a nice touch, and reminds me of a concept I did in the past. Definitely works when done in moderation, as you’ve done here.


Jets — Ultimately there’s nothing really wrong with this concept, I’m just not a huge fan. Chalk this one up to personal taste. I do like the alternate, you’ve really nailed the Navy-style uniform.


Steelers — I’m gonna be harsh on this one. To me, this is honestly the worst logo I can remember you presenting. It’s just so simplistic and below your talent level, and I really don’t think the font helps. I appreciate the idea of incorporating the look of steel beams, but in practice the big, thin letters with the really loopy 9 just comes across as a font you’d see on a children’s toy. Otherwise, I like the sleeve stripes and the use of yellow numbers. The alternate is bordering too much, but I think it ultimately works.


Eagles — This is a pretty well done modern take, though I’m not a fan on the liberty bell in the eagle head. It looks a bit forced to me, and I think would come across as just sloppiness to someone who wasn’t aware of the reference. The jerseys I think I’d prefer to go with white shoulders and sleeves on the away jersey, but this works. The throwback is a perfect example of the horrors of throwback designs. It’s not great, but obviously not your fault.


49ers — This is a cool take on the classic look. Definitely giving me some old school vibes. Ultimately, the alternate is a cool idea, but runs into some serious legibility issues with the numbers. The Golden Gate Bridge striping is a level of gimmicky that I can get behind.


Seahawks — Much like some of the other logos, this is a situation where I think you’re trying to be a bit too clever, and it creates problems with the legibility of the logo. There is so much going on here, and it ends up making it look like the bird’s face has been but up rather than looking like a totem, at least to me. The uniforms are a much better take on the current design, and fix the haphazard tossing together of elements that plagues them.

Buccaneers — Overall a solid look. The logo is a vast improvement over the current sterilized one. If I had any complaint, the number feels a bit Brandiose to me. The fauxback is fun and works really well. Though a jersey from that era likely wouldn’t have a jolly roger painted on the helmet, I think it works fine here, and would be better than just a plank one.


Redtails — This is a situation of an overall solid design with an element that I just think is unnecessary. The red just feels tacked on here, even though I appreciate the reference. Maybe if it were just on the helmet it would work better as a slight wink.


Jaguars — I like your logo a lot. In regards to the uniform, I’m of the opinion that any leopard/jaguar print, no matter how sublimated, just looks tacky. Otherwise, I like the idea of the stripping and color blocking. It reminds me of a better version of the 2013 uniforms.


Titans — I like the idea of the primary logo a lot, but the face looks a bit too flat to me. Though I also realize that extending it could make the logo unbalanced on the right side. As for the uniforms, not particularly a fan of the flame shoulder yokes. I think the helmet and pants stripe both evoke the idea enough, and the shoulders are just a bit much for my tastes. The alternate’s main issue comes down to legibility of the numbers. I think they need to be bigger and a different color than white. Honestly, nave with a white outline would probably work better.


Rams — I just don’t think the LA-horn logo can be salvaged. Another admirable effort, I just think it’s a concept that ultimately doesn’t work. The updated ram head is probably the first one I’ve seen that actually improves on the current one, I’d like to see that in team colors. The uniforms are Rams uniforms, though I generally dislike the segmented horn, if paired with these uniforms it’s certainly tolerable. The alternate give a cool hollywood vibe, though the numbers are a legibility nightmare.

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Really appreciate the long write-up @MDGP. Quite honestly, most of your concerns are concerns that I had myself but found difficult to deal with and still challenge myself to do something new and different for each logo and uniform. 

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I mostly lurk and haven't commented on any thread in ages. I have to say, this is one of the best I've seen. Do I have my nitpicks? Sure. Are there sets that I don't like as much as others? Sure. However, I don't really think that matters much because, overall, this effort is creative, thoughtful and really well executed. Great work!!


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Guest darkpiranha

My vote for favorite logo is the Jaguars.  I've never been a fan of their logo, but seeing yours, I was just surprisingly wowed.  It's maybe the most subtle of all the tweaks.   It took me a while comparing old and new side by side to really see what the differences were, but you streamlined it and sharpened the whole thing to where whatever subconscious aesthetic issues I had with the original are gone. 

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Been a while, but I've been having writer's block with some other gigs so I found myself tinkering with this. Mostly minor updates, but I think major improvements. 


Desert Cardinals: Alt helmet update



Ravens: primary number font change



Jaguars: Complete uni re-work



Steelers: alternate wordmark from Pitt to Pittsburgh. 



Patriots: alternate uni redone



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38 minutes ago, Evthegreat said:

MOD EDIT: Don't post your own concepts in someone else's thread.


Sorry for back-seat moderating, but you really ought to start your own concept thread instead of hijacking someone else's. Also you may consider searching for a template instead of using the G.U.D.'s graphics (which is something I myself did for a long time)

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