CFL Project (Expansion in Canada & USA starts 5/4)

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I need some CFL teams for my fantasy league.  We'll use the Schooners and Quebec, possibly the voyaguers.  For a 12th team considering either Portland, Anchorage, Victoria, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Windsor.  I wouldn't mind taking Thunder Bay it is Green Bay sized anyway.  I need to think of a good team name.

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On 5/7/2020 at 9:42 AM, WideRight said:

I am not imagining a world where a city or the CFL could afford to build new stadiums for CFL in the USA, so there has to be a stadium in place that with some adjustments could hold a CFL field.  That means mostly football or soccer stadiums, which rules out cities like Milwaukee and Omaha, which only have large-ish baseball stadiums, and some smaller cities such as Duluth, which is both way smaller than even Halifax and also does not have a stadium capable of holding even 15k. 


So, we are looking for cities with populations of about 500k or more, and with a football stadium of at least 18,000 but less than 60,000.  It makes the options list a lot smaller, doesn't it?




What about the Milwaukee Mile? The Packers played in the infield of the race track until County Stadium was built.

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