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MLS 2022 by Hawkeye15 (Keeper Kits and Extras)


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Thank you all for your kind comments. I really appreciate any of you who spared a second to leave some feedback. I don't think I will get to an All-Star uniform, but if a uniform idea occurs to me maybe I'll make an attempt.


Keeper kits:









And the last thing I have to offer for now is a fixture list, the kind of thing the league account might share on twitter:


I'll be periodically be adding some uniform revisions (and maybe a Charlotte concept if I feel confident in something).





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so much fantastic art and craftsmanship. 👏

Laola wave trough these boards for you!


The redesigned Nashville logo guitar pick, while keeping the N shaped music wave is my favourite redesigned logo of them all.

as for the jerseys, my favourite is the Galaxy home with the sash made out of the logo based quasar star.


As the poster above mentioned, I'm also sad it's over, thus how about a select few USL (would love to see what you come up with for San Diego) or Hawaii expansion teams next 😉

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