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problem w/ nike-era outside shoulder TV numbers?

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every time i watch old football games when reebok did the uniforms, i always thought that it looked nicer. probably a mixture of the material the jerseys were made out of among other things, but I was comparing the two and I realized that uniforms with TV numbers on the outside of the shoulder are thinner on the nike jerseys. (probably to match the chest/back numbers)

PHO-10Oct17-2609051_original.jpg?1296513393 vs 1191238894.jpg.jpg 

i honestly think that the way reebok did it is a lot nicer

Dante Hall - Missouri Sports Hall of Fame

the chiefs did it too, honestly wish they kept it that way

what yall think?

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from those photos i would say Nike is doing it better. there is more "air" around the number forms and is easier to read. bonus points for the modern jersey material, where the older jerseys were glossier the reflection of light also didn't help legibility. 

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