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Kansas City Stealth (NBA) (Version 2.0)

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Redoing this concept yet again. (Original:




The Kansas City Stealth would be an expansion NBA team located in Kansas City, Missouri. Kansas City would be a good basketball market, as it's less than an hour away from the University of Kansas, and plays host to the Big XII Basketball Tournament, as well as several March Madness games each year. The sport is very popular in the KC area and in Missouri as a whole, and would garner a following in both Missouri and Kansas. The home games would be played at the Sprint Center in Downtown Kansas City, and the team would be in the Western Conference. 


The name "Stealth" comes from the B-2 Spirit Bomber (often referred to as just a "Stealth Bomber"), which is based at Whiteman Air Force Base, less about an hour or 2 away from Kansas City. 


I did some updates to the logo (it's a new bomber, my design skills have improved from the old one). The fonts, monograms, color, and wordmarks have stayed the same. 


Main Logos: 



Horizontal Logos (showing the new bomber): 






Heart Logos (Kansas City is known as the "Heart of America". The symbol is very common around KC). 



Wordmark (not much change here): 






Uniform Explanations

Home/Away/Alternates on 1st row: Same as the last concept

City Home and Away (Primary): Feature the heart logo on a background of 2 crossed lines (to represent the "Crossroads of America"). Instead of saying "Kansas City" or "Stealth", the jerseys say "Heart of America" (explained above)

City Home and Away (Alternates): Feature a faded fountain design, that wraps from the front to the back of the jerseys. Kansas City is also known as the City of Fountains (it has a lot of nicknames). 

Throwback: Features the same colors as the Kansas City Kings did before moving to Sacramento. 

The sponsor is Sprint, which is headquartered in Kansas City. 


C&C Welcome and Appreciated. 



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Kansas City Stealth court


The court at the Sprint Center features the skyline of Kansas City as a background. The slogan "Attack. Defend. Dominate" is inspired (but not an exact copy) of that of the 509th Bomb Wing (which is based at Whiteman AFB and flies the B-2 Spirit Bombers), "Defend, Avenge". The slogan is also a fairly generic sports slogan. 



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