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On 6/24/2020 at 1:24 AM, jbird669 said:

Waiting to see what's in store for the Bulls. 


I've been thinking about a Bulls concept uniform set (and possibly a more refined and more modern logo) lately, and one thing that I'm not sure about is the color of the front wordmark and the numbers on the red icon uniform. The black wordmark and numbers have been that way ever since the introduction of the cursive "Chicago" script in 1973. However, when the franchise started, the red uniform featured white numbers. Except for some teams, I'm in favor of readability over style when it comes to the numbers.


With all that being said, are you in favor of black numbers or white numbers on the icon uniform?


By the way, I have finished my Cavs concept logos and uniforms, so stay tuned!

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In my opinion, the current primary logo is a downgrade, although the current logo set still follows the motif used since 2003. As you can see on my profile, I'm a big fan of the LeBron James era logo, and for my Cavs concept, I drew inspirations from that particular logo, while signifying a "changing of the guard" throughout the team's rebuilding stages. In fact, this was the very first logo that I conceptualized few years ago. The two crossed swords were taken from the center court logo during the first post-LeBron years.






I initially made the association, icon, and statement uniforms follow the theme of the 2019-20 city uniform, but eventually, I thought that it might not have enough color distribution on the first two uniform editions. So, I decided to follow the design of the current uniforms and make some modifications, like the sublimated pattern on the side panels, which was taken from the current statement uniform. You may not see it from afar (especially with the wine-colored ones), but the numbers on the first three uniforms are beveled. Based from @_DietDrPepper_'s suggestion, the numbers are no longer beveled, and the font I selected for numbers that is close to the wordmark font is the one used by the Wisconsin Badgers. The statement edition is just basically the 2019-20 city uniform, but with the new logos, wordmark, and numbers, not to mention a new collar design.


Remember the CavFanatic jerseys? Those jerseys are mashups of different eras, and for my city uniform, I decided to go for a CavFanatic route. During the first post-LeBron season, the Cavs wore the 2005-2010 navy alternates in 90's colors. Those navy alternates are a fan-favorite, so I couldn't hesitate to make 'em the basis of my city uniform concept. Stating the obvious, the front script is taken from the inaugural uniforms, but it spells "Cleveland" instead, to highlight the "city" aspect.













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Im a fan of everything except the beveling. The logos, fonts, uniform design all fit the look I think your going for except for that, I'd drop it and even swap the number font for something closer to the wordmark. 

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