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2020 NFL Season week by week uniform match-up combos: From HOF Game to Super Bowl LV


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9 hours ago, NFLfan10 said:

I got my hopes up for a minute and then realized the Bucs did this in Week 4 too and didn't wear pewter pants then either. Why tease the fans like that?


They actually have confirmed it.  They’re throwing away the uniform schedule and going white-over-pewter this Sunday

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17 hours ago, bbush24 said:

Browns ruining the opportunity for an awesome looking matchup against Pittsburgh by wearing the worthless brown pants



Love it!!! White on white is so boring and the brown pants look great now that they have stripes.

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IMO the best Browns uniform combinations, in order...


Home - 1. Brown jersey, white pants, brown striped socks. 2. Brown jersey, orange pants, brown striped socks. Both are good, but the classic white pants edge out the orange pants by a nose. The color rush and the possible monochrome primary are both pretty terrible, and should be permanently mothballed.


Road - 1. White jersey, white pants, white striped socks. 2. White jersey, brown pants, white striped socks. 3. White jersey, orange pants, white striped socks. All are good (actually in a league with the Bengals, Falcons,. Rams, and Titans, all are relatively fantastic) but the white - orange - white is just a bit too orange dominant for my tastes.

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We haven't seen white over brown yet, so I wonder if it will grow on me. I'm personally in the camp that we don't need brown pants and if we have to have 'em let's get a white stripe in there (as the pants are the only part of the main set missing white). 


Would've preferred the classic looking matchup in Pittsburgh, but this still isn't an awful/undignified look and it lines up with the road stripes.

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On 10/15/2020 at 12:04 PM, NFLfan10 said:

Jersey: Navy

Pants: Navy

Socks: Navy

Tennessee: Titans

Sunday: Afternoon

vs: Texans


I pray that they give us some sort of columbia blue vs. Pittsburgh.

Maybe they felt that mono-Columbia last year at home vs Houston cursed them. I would still love to see navy/columbia for at least one home game.

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Here's hoping that the Buccaneers also wear the red jersey with white pants at least once this season! I am a sucker for whenever football franchises wear different colors on every one of their uniform elements (helmet, jersey, pants & socks). Such instances that I can conjure up off the top of my head from over the years include the following:

  • Atlanta Falcons – Black Helmet / White Jersey / Silver Pants / Red Socks
    (I would be all for switching the socks & helmet colors too, so something like their 1989 road regalia, but with black socks instead of red.)
  • Carolina Panthers – Silver Helmet / White Jersey / Black Pants / Electric Blue Socks
    (Again in this case, another switch could work to my liking as well, which would be that of their former blue CR pants paired with black socks.)
  • Los Angeles Rams – Navy Blue Helmet / White Jersey / Athletic Gold Pants / Royal Blue Socks
  • New York Giants – Metallic Blue Helmet / White Jersey / Grey Pants / Red Socks
    (I am a big proponent of their current primary road attire, but also very much enjoyed the similar style that they sported for two seasons in 2000 & 2001, respectively. In fact, I wish SB XXXV had featured the Giants as being considered the away team, whereas the Ravens could have worn their home apparel. At least that match-up took place via preseason one weekday afternoon during Summer 2001.)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Pewter Helmet / Red Jersey / White Pants / Black Socks
  • Washington Huskies – Gold Helmet / White Jersey / Purple Pants / Black Socks (That is, when certain players wear them, plus pull them up to the knee.)


Another team that I think could pull off such an appearance of four separate colors for each uniform element — and one that would be a lot better off for doing so, especially this season, what with their recent sock adaptation — is the New England Patriots: Silver Helmet / White Jersey / Navy Blue Pants / Red Socks (the latter of course representing a color-coordination tie-in to both the facemask & striping patterns).

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15 minutes ago, G-tron said:



There's obviously a mix up for this re-scheduled game, but it seems very on brand for a Jets vs Dolphins game.

It’s common for social media teams to pre schedule their posts, maybe this was what Miami was originally supposed to wear this week vs Denver. Wouldn’t be surprised if the called an audible with the unis for the jets game though.

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1 hour ago, DNAsports said:

I wish the Jets would use their black socks in situations like this to avoid the yoga pants look (assuming they’ll be in green socks tomorrow)


No. They just need some kind of white socks. They have been wearing plain white socks lately and that seems to be okay.

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