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1. Chargers (perfect. 10/10)

2. Bucs (almost perfect, can't wait to see them on the field)

3. Browns (bringing back the classic look)

4. Colts (nice touch ups)

5. Falcons (at least I can laugh at them for looking like an arena football team)

6. Patriots (crappy color rush now crappy primaries)

7. Rams (no no no. I'm not from LA, but the Chargers are now my top LA team mainly because of how superior they are to the Rams looks-wise)

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Bucs: They absolutely nailed it and gave me almost everything that I wanted. Even the alt is kinda fun. The logo is still a downgrade from the SB era, but they at least tweaked it a bit. I really couldn’t care any less about the other rebrands past this one. I’m happy. 

Browns: Exactly what they should’ve done. The color rush is pretty lame, but oh well. It’s still not that bad. 

Chargers: I like them, for sure. There’s still something that feels sort of off to me, though. I’m kinda wondering if having powder blue and bright gold alone is going to be a strong enough of a foundation to build that brand on without ending up looking stale. It’s going to look GREAT when they’re brand new and playing under the sun. But how are people going to feel about it when they’re in the middle of a tough stretch? Is it going to end up looking washed out? I’m all for them going powder and gold full time, but it may be a case of be careful what you wish for. I kinda think the organization has similar concerns, too. Why else would they have given us three different blue based jerseys? 

Colts: I never liked that old script, so that’s an upgrade. Numbers are great, too. I also don’t mind the alt Cindiana logo. Nice, subtle changes. 

Falcons: I don’t hate these as much as most. There are some SUPER goofy elements to it, but I think the main sets are going to look sort of sleek and toned down. It’s still probably a downgrade from their last set (which I actually liked), but not that much of a downgrade.


Patriots: Their last set had a lot of problems. This set has all new problems. They feel kind of like a Colts/Jets ripoff (I get the history. Still), and they’re still somehow a downgrade from the last set.


Rams: They had half a decade to get this right, and they basically completely face planted. The home set is passable but is still substandard, and that road set is an absolute mess of a sports uniform. I’m a Bucs fan and even I have a hard time understanding how a team is this poorly run. 

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1. Browns win the best rebrand award for me simply because they got rid of what was bad and emphasized what was good about their identity. 


2. It pains me to laud the Chargers, but they did everything right. But in spite of the real problems with their uniforms before the rebrand, they weren't really all that bad to begin with, so I have a hard time putting them ahead of the Browns.


3. Bucs get the most improved award for going from a terrible uni set to solidly above average. They may not be the most amazing uniforms ever, and I personally would have preferred the creamsicle orange to be emphasized more, but they went from worst to good.


4. Colts did exactly what they needed to do: make minor tweaks to a classic uniform and identity. I'm not huge on the new secondary, but considering it's not featured anywhere on branding yet I'm okay with its existence. The travesty would have been if they decided to do any kind of uniform overhaul, which they wisely avoided. In terms of actual uniforms I'm clearly biased and believe they're the most beautiful uniforms in football next to the Packers and Steelers. But being the best when you're already the best doesn't really move the needle much, so these uniforms are just in the middle in terms of offseason updates.

5. I mean, I hate the Patriots and don't like these uniforms, but I don't think they're near as bad as people seem to think they are. They seem disjointed with some poor design principles, but there's not anything that I find glaringly ugly.

6. Falcons downgraded their uniforms for no good reason, which bums me out because I really like red/black color schemes in general. I always used to like the Falcons uniforms and that's no longer true.


7. The Rams home blues with yellow pants work, and I think their update to the helmet managed to keep the classic look they're known for while also incorporating their new logo. But that away jersey is officially now the worst uniform in the league. Heck, the Bucs could have kept their alarm clock numbers and still the Rams "bone" jersey would be worse. So many befuddling elements, with none worse than the blue wordmark on a white patch on an off white jersey with random yellow stitching. Just horrible.


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Chargers, Bucs and Browns are all fantastic and get an A.


Patriots are silver pants away from getting a B but for now it's a C.


The Falcons and Rams need to go back to the drawing board. Neither get passing grades. 


The Colts were a lateral move. Not grading them.




Best jersey: Chargers white (would be the powder blue if they had white backgrounds behind the bolts)

Worst jersey: Falcons gradient (Rams gray a very close 2nd)


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Chargers: A. Only thing I'm not so sure about are the yellow pants, may have preferred powder pants or just white pants. The rest of the rebrand and new uniforms look fantastic, especially the new alternates.


Buccaneers: A-. It's not the most creative rebrand, but the Bucs do look eons better than before. I really like the pewter alternate they revealed too. It's nice to see the Bucs look presentable again in their SB era uniforms.


Browns: B. Again, not too creative, but also eons better than the prior look. While I really like the return of the classic home and road uniforms, the alternate is really boring and I'm disappointed they didn't change their awful primary logo to "Brownie the Elf" as teased.


Colts: B. Really like the number switch, as it gives the Colts a more unique look. Also really like the new wordmark, as the old one was horribly outdated. A bit upset by the lack of change for the out-of-place gray facemask and the new alternate logo is just flat out bad.


Patriots: B-. Like the uniforms themselves and are both upgrades from the outdated Reebok design, but not as large an upgrade as they should be. What hurts this set badly is the continued use of a silver helmet (instead of white), which kills a lot of the look.


Falcons: D+. The old Reebok uniforms needed to go badly, but man these are not it. I wouldn't have as much of a problem with them if they just went to an outline instead of an ugly drop shadow and shrunk the numbers and the "ATL". I like the return of black as the main home jersey color and the matte helmet, but oh lord that gradient uniform is awful and should've been just red. I also really don't like the pant combos for some reason.


Rams: F. While the return of classic colors was really needed, I actually like the new helmet design, and the new blue jersey is at least okay, the rest of this rebrand is an unholy abomination that has destroyed any brand credibility the Rams had in LA. The bone uniform is the hands-down worst uniform in the NFL and one of the worst in all of sports period, while the logo saw a massive downgrade too. 

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Love: Bucs nailed it.  So did the Browns.


Like: Pats.


Like with an asterisk: Chargers (*hate the numbers on the helmet)


Serviceable but wrong choice: Rams (home)


Whatever: Colts

Garbage: Falcons and Rams (Road)

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Best: Browns. the other contender is the Chargers but i dont think i agree with them throwing back to SD history in a new city. its an odd branding direction, plus there are just too many uniform options. dont really love how the bolt fits on the shoulders either. the Browns get an A- from me because i dont like the mix of random rounded corner and block corners on the numbers. Nike always finds a way to do something to steer a uni away from perfect, but its decent and feels like a fresh take on the classic uniform. except for the all brown alt; looks like Mr Hanky. maybe i’ll give them a B+ overall


worst: Patriots. its so generic, it looks like a HS team. theres so many elements that feel random, no unity. it looks like no one really cared about the uniform and just said “make it like the CR but different”. could make an argument for ATL as well with the already dated tricks and overly blinged out, tacky helmet. matte finish, metallic logo, chrome masks, awful gradient jersey, and collegiate ATL jersey mark.

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