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World Cup of Hockey unis


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does it bother anyone else that they switched the Finland jersey

so the crest says FINLAND and at the front hem it says SOUMI really big.

Isn't it a bit redundant, you would'nt put AMERICA at the hem if you have

the USA front crest. Germanies unis also kind of do the same thing.

The front crest saus Duetch Eis Hockey Bund, then GERMANY across the bottom hem.

Ummm...gee thanks for the tip, I wasn't sure that was germany playing.

Plus they took the CZECH off the back of the jerseys, ugh...way to ruin

one of the more unique jerseys in recent years.

(steps off soapbox)

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Actually throwing Finland or Germany on the jerseys would be like putting É-UA on the US jerseys somewhere.

CC is right.

Other countries do not refer to themselves as we (speakers of English) refer to them.

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point taken...

And actually I mispoke, germany

has duetchland across the front hem, which would be fine if it didn't already

say german ice hockey league on the crest. Finlands crest should have stayed

SOUMI and not had a word added to the front, that placement just looks ridiculous.

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