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NBA Changes 2020/21

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7 minutes ago, schlim said:

Heard here are some of the new city jerseys that I've heard are in the pipeline:

CELTICS- red, white and green 'North End' jerseys, the numbers will be in a giant meatball ala the Warriors' cable car jerseys.

NUGGETS- REDRUM jerseys. Icy blue and white, axes in doorways on the side panels.

ROCKETS- black Rothko jerseys, no names, no numbers, etc. Just black.

BULLS- Willis/Sears Tower jerseys. Complete with clear observation deck side panels.

MAGIC- Waffle House design, all yellow, complete menu on front and back.

CLIPPERS- David Hockney inspired jerseys, with this painting serving as inspiration. spacer.png



Bold predictions. I like all of them.

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2 hours ago, Jsmoove said:

Suns city edition leaked


This is the best rainbow (technically sunset, I guess)  jersey in NBA history. I could see the Suns leaning into the Arizona sunset theme, and if this is a glimpse I wouldn’t mind it


What’s the short color going to be on that Pelicans jersey? Blue seems like the obvious  option (otherwise what’s the point of the lower blue?), but it could also be white. Either way, trash

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The Blazers have gone ahead and officially unveiled their new City uniform after the jersey was leaked yesterday:

This is fantastic IMO. I obviously love the Oregon script but the topographic lines and side stripes honoring the state’s landscape are really nice as well. And the belt buckle and jocktag are nice tributes to the state’s nine tribal nations that really finish the look off. The full uniform also looks much better than the leaked replica jersey.

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On 10/26/2020 at 10:26 AM, Conrad. said:

Not exactly


As for that Philly uni, yea, that's just a prototype to see if they wanted to go with that or the version that they actually wore. Their City uni next season is nothing like that one.

I guess this is just rumours and speculation. I hope it’s better than this,



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Nike has done a great job this year with most of these City Edition uniforms, I am especially a big fan of Brooklyn, Portland, Miami and Phoenix.


5 hours ago, pelicanfan said:

My question is why in the world are the colors like that...? Is the blue even gonna be seen once the players tuck in their jerseys? I also don't understand why they chose that font for the number it just looks kinda cheap. When their regular font is already literally based on New Orleans word marking 

also this marks the end of the Mardi Gras jersey tradition which I believed started in 2010?


I have a feeling they'll wear this with blue shorts.

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