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NBA Changes 2020/21

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16 hours ago, sharplcd said:






My expectations for the Knicks, whose city series has been extremely underwhelming given their location, were low, but this is horrendous. This is why the "designer" trend in sports uniforms needs to stop before it gains more traction. It's leading to a slew of overdesigned, confusing uniforms that don't translate well to on-field/court play. It would be fine as a fashion jersey, but this isn't even close to acceptable to being worn in play. And NYC has an incredible amount of inspiration for the Knicks to choose from! The fact that they (outside of their first set) have been so unable to make a fun, unique, sensible city set is embarrassing. Heck, this is even an insult to the "City that Never Sleeps" concept they seemed to have attempted, or at least alluded to.


This year is really a roller coaster year, more so than others. Personally, I think the city sets will be an outdated concept in a few years, especially with the lack of imagination that seems to define them. I would either drop the whole series, or make city uniforms on a 2-3 year cycle as an attempt to get a better thought out product and extend the shelf life of the concept as a whole.

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28 minutes ago, Conrad. said:

The side panel "wings" are a nod to the Omni pegasus



If this was green and blue with a touch of gold...It would be perfect!!!! Not a bad template just wish this had more traditional colors.


Notre Dame have the best examples of Blue/Green with a touch of gold. Should have started there.


Edit: Nevermind it looks like they did. 



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NBA is almost as hard to follow as college football. I like some of these uniforms like San Antonio and dislike others like the Knicks. But the number of uniforms, the divergence from team colors, and the lack of difference between home and the road is getting crazy.

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These releases have me pretty worried about the Jazz. So help me if it’s black and yellow with “THE BEEHIVE” above the numbers and honey drips down the side panel....


Hopefully it’s something more along the lines of San Antonio and Golden State - tame and tied to team history. That’s what I prefer as a fan. Releases like Dallas and New York however show that there’s very little restraint in this program anymore, and anybody could push the envelope off a cliff if they really want to.

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14 hours ago, Conrad. said:

You're absolutely right. When I first saw the Knicks...i hadn't seen all of them yet, but i immediately said to myself: THIS IS GONNA WIN THE WORST OF THE SEASON FOR SURE.


Incredibly baffling stuff. Fwiw, it's inspired by Kith. Doesn't make it a passable design, though.


Is it an official KITH collab piece?

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