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NBA Changes 2020/21

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1 hour ago, BShaw20 said:


Another Magic teaser

Am I crazy in thinking that’s a number on the right, and part of a wordmark on the left?

I’m half worried it’s the throwback numbers and wordmark in orange - that looks like it could be the top of the throwback “1” and (maybe) that’s a point of the wordmark’s star on the left.


That’s a huge guess, but that’s where my mind went. Especially with the pinstripes, too.

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9 hours ago, pepis21 said:


Sounds like their championship banners were an inspiration.




Like this?


It looks just like the banners.


Yep just like that with the number, looks like there could be blue outline on the number also. Then a skyline or something underneath (hard to see from the screenshot) with Philadelphia written in bold white under that.

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