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NBA Changes 2020/21

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15 hours ago, CFSB said:

Looks like these are what the new City jerseys will look like for the Celtics. I'm guessing they'll have green trim.




I guess they'll use jersey design from 18/19 City without yellow trim and 19/20 shorts design but in white-green without Knot pattern. They might also reuse banner logo from 17/18 City waistband in modified version. Satement design is also an option but all their Citys basically based on same design.

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21 hours ago, Shadojoker said:


cool marketing but this City uniform still is meh at best. The number and wordmark font looks generic to me. 


At least their is a decent outline to make them pop against the black.


Iverson's not the same anymore 🙁 And the jersey isn't "all that" to be remaking that Slam cover with it.

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6 minutes ago, kimball said:


Soooooooooo what's the story with the colors? A quick Google search shows me nothing. The city flag colors are royal blue and green. 

Mint-related. Mint for the mint, gold for coins, black because it looks good.


I thought we were past Buzz City. As someone who actually didn't want these colors for CLTFC (secondary kit please) it fits even less for the Hornets. At least they found the correct template for the pinstripes, with single pinstripes alternating colors. Make it teal and purple, thicken up the stripes just a bit, and that's the perfect modern Hornets jersey.

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