Another NFL Redesign (6/32 - Colts, Cardinals added)

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Felt like making some concepts after seeing all of the uniform reveals this offseason, here we go:


Atlanta Falcons

I don't hate what they unveiled, I think with some tweaks it'd be pretty good

No gradients, small wordmark, etc. I think the biggest missed opportunity was not switching back to a red helmet; red helmet/black jersey would've been a unique look and the throwback would be accurate. The side panels and pant stripes both taper to a point to avoid never lining up.






Los Angeles Rams

Thought I'd try making gradient numbers and bone work. This is sort of a modernization of their previous, mismatched look. The home uniform only uses yellow and orange, and the away navy and bone. Yellow and white jerseys serve as alternates.







Thanks for checking these out, I'll post other teams as I finish them, or until I get bored


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Falcons look a lot better, but the Rams... 😬 I feel like there's no continuity, one set has orange, the other has bone and navy. I would try to settle on one color palette, simple blue yellow and white for example, and apply that to all the sets. The jerseys themselves look fine, its just the colors throwing me off a bit

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Got a couple more teams ready; nothing crazy here, just a few tweaks to some already great updates:


Cleveland Browns

Aside from the solid brown Color Rush, the Browns update is great so not much has changed. I liked the shadows on the old set so those are back, and I added an orange jersey and pants. The fourth jersey is a throwback with a white helmet; in this redesign the one helmet rule is relaxed a bit.







Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Again, a great look that they probably never should have strayed from, but since they did, I tweaked the striping a bit and brought back the creamsicle throwback. Instead of a pewter jersey I paid homage to the crazy alt jerseys in NFL2k5 by adding a black jersey. Now, they'd probably never actually do this, but everyone else in the division gets a black jersey so why not?









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And a couple more:


Indianapolis Colts

Like the Bucs and Browns not much changes. I find their current shade of blue to be pretty drab so I changed it back to a more vibrant royal blue. Added sock stripes and blue pants, and kept the 'anvil black' swooshes. The alt is a Baltimore Colts fauxback similar to what they wore for a couple years, but in black.






Arizona Cardinals

Was not aware there was a contest going on here when I made this so I guess this is my belated entry. The Cardinals are overdue for a redesign so I went with a modern take on their old uniforms. White has been removed with a 'sand' color, and the alts are throwbacks:







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I think your biggest problem with the cardinals is it is almost the exact same template as the Vikings have in real life.  Not sure if you planned to overhaul the Vikings or not but they may end up looking too similar.  Also not sure if the sand color works when the eye in the logo is white.  Might be an improvement to change the eye to sand.  I really like your Bucs concept, no complaints there it looks really clean and I love the cuff striping.  Overall good work!

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