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NHL Rethink. (32/32 - Washington added, let's wrap this sucker up?)


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2 hours ago, Edubdesign said:

Next one up is Buffalo. Let me explain first.


I did a series of concepts on my Instagram page called Second Chance Sweaters, where I went over some of the worst jerseys ever worn in the NHL and redid them. One of those was the Buffaslug. I was kind of struck by how the logo had potential - the part that made it the "slug" was that weird back portion.


I feel by hacking that off and just leaving the head (and by bringing back royal blue) you get something cool and modern, yet respectful to the original brand.


Anyway, here goes.






The next team up, I believe, is Carolina. There's something real interesting coming there.


I dig this design!

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Guest darkpiranha

Wow!  These are great.  I rarely get excited about hockey tweaks nowadays, but each of your designs has just the right note of 'extra' to them so that they don't feel remotely like the same old thing.  

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On 6/7/2020 at 5:51 PM, TheHealthiestScratch said:

I think for the Canes clash it comes off more like a t-shirt than a logo on a jersey. I think the most effective way to get that “Bunch of jerks” pride incorporate on a jersey would have to be a lot more simplified. Maybe just “JERKS” diagonal across the chest in the style their current white jersey has?

I think if I went with just "JERKS", then the entire point is lost. The nickname is "BUNCH OF JERKS", not "JERKS". That would be like making a Minnesota Vikings shirt with the words "PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS" on it, but only putting "EATERS" on it - suddenly, the joke and the context are changed and what you're left with is weird.


I did try a version of that jersey with "CAROLINA" on the front diagonally and it looked contrived and unoriginal.

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Really like the jerseys themselves, but a few things on the logos. For the primary, I feel like it is too stretched out, like it needs to be more like it would fit in a square than it would fit in a rectangle. Also, I think rotating it a little bit counterclockwise and making it a little less pointy would bring out the H and C I'm assuming you included (or maybe not I just really like to look for letters lol). The alternate hurricane flag logo would look even better if the lines had an even weight to them. I like the Bunch of Jerks concept, and that would be a cool 25th anniversary getup, which I think is coming up in a year or two. Good work!

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On 6/14/2020 at 11:40 AM, Flames1fan said:

would love to see horse head logo be used

Not on anything I make. I can't stand the flaming snot horse.


Here's the next team - Chicago. Kinda hard to change anything with the Hawks, so I put together kind of a greatest-hits set - combining elements the team has used into the four jerseys here.




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Moving right along to the Stars. I liked what they tried to do with their rebrand a while ago, but I think there's some more Texas flavour that could be added - football shoulder stripes, more green, silver... and an altered Mooterus that doesn't look like a Mooterus anymore.



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