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The Korean Baseball Uniform Thread

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Hey all! 

So with ESPN snagging the rights to the Korea Baseball Organization the day before the season starts, I've gone all in on the KBO. The games are, and i mean this in the nicest way possible, so stupid. No lead is safe and it keeps you watching. The play is good, and the culture is so cool to observe. Check it out on ESPN every morning except mondays, the day they take off every week.

As the thread title states, the aesthetics of the league has drawn my attention. All the teams have different suppliers, so they all have their quirks. The jerseys are covered in sponsors as well. A month into the season, we've started to see some one off uniforms start to get worn. Recently, several military themed uniforms have been released and i'd like to share them here now. June 6th is Memorial Day in Korea, June is also Patriots and Veterans Remembrance Month.

Descriptions of these are from @myKBO on twitter


From June 5th-7th, KBO teams will be wearing the 'Great Patriot Tree' patch on their hats and helmets. 



Lotte Giants Navy themed uniforms



Hanwha Eagles - Black Eagles, a special flight team in the ROK Air Force for this year's military uniform. (Their normal black uniform is black with orange piping)



Samsung Lions with a digital Lion in this blue camo



Doosan BEars wore a white uniform with white and grey camouflage on the sleeves and hat



Then something close to home, here's SK Wyverns wearing green camouflage



Ill see the reaction to this thread and circle back and post some normal uniforms and throwbacks i've seen in my research! 

Also I sent Chris Creamer links to team's vectors on their own website so hopefully the library on sportslogos.net get updated even further.



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Not bad. No lead being safe makes for more exciting baseball at that level in my opinion. If you go to Www.kbomarket.com you'll see a good amount of merchandise. Some teams have a little and some have a ton of stuff. 

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33 minutes ago, Jake3roo said:

I've watched a few games and I've always been curious about why the team names are in English on the front. That said, it's an interesting aesthetic, except for all the ads.

If you're worried about the uniform ads, i have bad news about every team name including the corporation that owns the team. 

As far as the names in english, they used to have Hangul lettering on the front in the 90s. I think that was to be more marketable overall. Here are some throwbacks Samsung wore last year with it.


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I'm actually weirdly okay with teams being named after companies. If it lets the game be played, I can live with it. I'd rather have them be named after cities, but honestly I really only care that a team is "The Dinos", not where they're from, especially without knowing the geography.

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In honor of the end of the week, here are some Sunday Alternates I've seen!

First, SK Wyverns rebranded over the offseason, but kept their off-white Sunday Alternates that say Incheon, the city they play in. They also wear a black version of their cap. Here's a close up with their previous cap logo.



NC Dinos have a gold alternate for sundays too. They wear an alternate cap as well, but it's their regular cap with a gold brim.



Samsung Lions commit to looking like Chelsea, with these gradient sash uniforms. They have the cleanest home and road uniforms in the league I think.



Finally, LG Twins have a home and road sunday alternate. The home says SEOUL across the front, and the road is just a black version of their main uniforms.



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