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Raptors Getting New Uniforms, Tweaking Logo in 2021

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On 6/18/2020 at 9:58 PM, Digby said:


Tell that to the early-00s indie rock blogs!



My goodness yes, this song is tremendous. One of my favorite by Broken Social Scene. Right up there with 7/4 Shoreline and Hotel (and all of You Forgot It In People, really).

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BSS pick 10 (it's actually 11 because everything they did was excessive):


7/4 Shoreline

Fire Eye'd Boy



Cause = Time

Almost Crimes


Our Faces...

It's All Gonna Break

Stars and Sons


unpopular opinion: the s/t is significantly better than You Forgot It In People

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I used to feel that way but swung back around in time. Self-titled had so many great songs but I think it was bogged down by their weird humid Flaming Lips-y production. If they had kept with the clean jangle thing a la the early live versions of “7/4 Shoreline”...

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On 6/15/2020 at 8:54 PM, uniguy22 said:

I've feel like I've seen more items like this (https://47brand.ca/products/toronto-raptors-flash-forward-47-captain-black-and-purple) but thinking about it more I may just be thinking of "new" throwback items like this (https://www.sportchek.ca/categories/fan-shop/nba/toronto-raptors/product/toronto-raptors-mitchell-and-ness-mens-gold-dribble-hoodie-bla-333004922.html#333004922=333004922_01). 


Bottom line though, they sell so much merchandise with both the current set and throwback that I still believe not going back to purple isn't leaving any money on the table. Having said that, I wouldn't mind seeing purple used just as an accent colour, but never touching red. The purple and red just clash when they touch.


This does not look good. 





"May I have an order of a Raptors rebrand that includes purple?"

"You want white with that?"

If white separated the claw-ball, it'd be perfect

On 6/19/2020 at 8:35 AM, BringBackTheVet said:


What the hell are you talking about?


Please don't ever profess to speak for anyone in the States.



I cannot speak for the states, but IMO Toronto's popularity skyrocketed in the 90's, was steady in the early 2000's, but faded away almost coincidentally with the Raps(appropiate nickname?) removing purple. Then people like Drake, The Weeknd, ect., brought Toronto back to life, also almost coincidentally with Lowry/DeRozan leading the Raps back to prominence.

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The Raptors became popular because of Vince Carter and his highlight reel dunks, simple as that.  I'm from Vancouver and was a Grizzlies fan.  But, even I wanted to see Vince and his awesome dunks back then. 


When Vince lost interest in playing for the Raptors and wanted out, there wasn't much of a reason for fans outside of Toronto to watch them anymore.  Chris Bosh was good, but he didn't excite anyone like Vince did.  The Raptors dropping purple had nothing to do with the drop in popularity of the team. 


Honestly, I only became interested in the Raptors again during their championship run.  Maybe if Kawhi stayed, I would have remained interested this year, not that I get a lot of chances to watch them play, any ways.

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Toronto Raptors New Logo for 2021 Spotted on NBA Draft Cap

August 20, 2020 - 19:48 PM

Earlier this year we reported that the Toronto Raptors will be getting a new look for the 2020-21 NBA season, which included a new set of chevron-focused uniforms as well as what called a minor tweak to their primary logo. Well now you get to see what we mean by


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On 6/19/2020 at 12:08 PM, IceCap said:

I love it when people not from Toronto try to explain what Toronto is. If the indications of this thread are true and most of you Yankees never gave Toronto a passing thought until 2015 then you're really not positioned to be talking about what Toronto is or isn't 😛

It's like that one guy who tried to suggest the Maple Leafs should abandon text on their logo because having a logo that relies on one language doesn't fit a "multi-cultural" and "progressive" city like Toronto. And I had to remind him that the Maple Leafs existed prior to 2015 and are rooted in an era when Toronto was merely the cultural capital of English speaking Protestant Canada. That is to say that the Maple Leafs are so old, and so ingrained in the city, that they predate the assumptions many Americans have about it.


So where does that leave the Raptors? Well they're far newer. 1995 is far more modern than the Leafs' founding date of 1917. This allows the Raptors a lot of creativity. In fact the Raptors are far more a product of the multi-cultural and progressive Toronto than the old timey Leafs are. This allows them a lot of freedom. They can play around with their uniforms in ways the Leafs can't, they can celebrate local culture in ways the Leafs can't. The Raptors having "Drake Night" is fun. The Leafs having "Drake Night" and rolling out black and gold unis is cause to burn the arena down. Both of these attitudes can co-exist by the way, and within the same fanbase too. Cities, especially cities as big as Toronto, can have multifaceted and complex identities.


So what I'm getting at is that the Raptors have a degree of freedom with their identity that the Leafs don't, but at the same time...where do they go with it? Having no restraints (or less restraints than the established team you share a building with) can be both a blessing and a curse.

Lights Out, you say that they shouldn't have to dress up as "Canada's Team" to attract fans, and can rely on cashing in on Toronto first and foremost. There are issues with that, however...


1) If they're going to lean into being a TORONTO team first and foremost then break out the paint bucket tool because it's time to dress them in blue and white. That's the Toronto sports scheme, from University of Toronto, to the Maple Leafs, to the Argos, to the Blue Jays. And while the uniformity is appealing in a "what if we were like Pittsburgh?" sort of way? I think it does the Raptors a disservice to stick them in a creative hole. U of T, the Argos, Leafs, and Jays all have that colour scheme because they're older and more established. Let the Raptors do their own thing.

2) It ignores the fact that the Raptors have, especially since 2015, done a fantastic job cultivating fans across Canada. There were "Jurassic Park" viewing parties across the country during the Raptors' Finals run, and TSN's announce team worked hard to work the rest of the country into the festivities. With three pointers often being referred to as "from Winnipeg" or "from Montreal," etc...

Abandoning the Canadian colour scheme may not be the best way to nurture a nation-wide fanbase that's at its peak thanks to a title win.


3) The purple isn't distinctly Toronto. No Toronto team had purple before them, and purple has never been associated with the city in any way. Purple was adopted because it was the trendy colour in the early and mid 90s and the team was all about capitalizing on merch in their early years (if the Jurassic Park cash-in didn't make that clear). In fact the original colours were purple, black, and neon green. The neon green got switched out for red due to ownership wanting something distinctly "Canadian" in the inaugural identity. Which means that if any part of the inaugural identity has any sort of relevance to the team's locale it's the red, not the purple.


4) The biggest issue with your take...you (and others) have said that Toronto had no wide-spread appeal in the US prior to the 2010s. Ok. So if this is true then your solution is for the Raptors to embrace a colour scheme when they were irrelevant to most of the rest of the NBA? Seems counter-productive. If we assume the "WE THE NORTH"/Drake stuff was the start of the Raptors being taken seriously in some way then doesn't it stand to reason that keeping the basic building blocks of that brand (red, white, black, Drake alts, etc...) is the way forward? 

Don't get me wrong, I love the 90s throwback and the purple stuff. My primary Raptors hat I wear is purple with the 90s logo. Still, it's best saved for the occasional throwback where you can make a fun 90s night out of it. The brand going forward should be rooted in the team's most successful and culturally relevant identity, however.


Red and black? They should stay with red and black? Sure, seems distinctive to wear essentially the same color scheme as the Bulls, Blazers, Heat, Rockets...am I forgetting anyone?

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5 minutes ago, MCM0313 said:

Red and black? They should stay with red and black? Sure, seems distinctive to wear essentially the same color scheme as the Bulls, Blazers, Heat, Rockets...am I forgetting anyone?

So you missed my point. Mazel tov.

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11 minutes ago, IceCap said:

So you missed my point. Mazel tov.


There was way too much text in your post to ever consider reading that, Mike.  There weren't even any pictures! 

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On 8/26/2020 at 11:33 AM, IceCap said:

So you missed my point. Mazel tov.


On 8/26/2020 at 11:45 AM, CS85 said:


There was way too much text in your post to ever consider reading that, Mike.  There weren't even any pictures! 



No, I got the point. Red and black were where they had the most success. I just think they need another color in their scheme. If not purple, then make the metallic gold a full-time thing. Like the Patriots, they won a championship with a rather dull look. 

I’m not saying they need to look like Jurassic Park full-time. I’m just saying that, aside from the claw logo and the text font, they are rather boring-looking, and I don’t think a championship is reason enough to keep that look in perpetuity. 

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This was kinda what we expected right? Hard to tell if just the text is arched or if there will be an actual chevron because it’s a t shirt though. Jumpman logo indicates this is the alternate so red and white are the others probably?


Im just spitballing here.

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