Denver Broncos rebrand

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Still learning illustrator so admittedly the logo is something of a work in progress. Also attached are Home, Away, and Alternate uniform sets respectively. Any thoughts are appreciated!









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Big Broncos fan here. An interesting change! I am not a fan of the logo. The horse going outside the letter D just looks wrong to me. But man the uniforms are tight! I'd love to see the team wear those. 

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Posted (edited)

I'm not a logo designer, so you're ahead of me just by nature of doing it and you can take what I say with a grain of salt, but here were my initial reactions when I saw the logo:


- It's too thin. The outlining strokes look very narrow by today's standards, and the horse's one leg completely disappears where it overlaps the D's white outline.

- The D in the logo being a different font than the wordmark and player name/numbers doesn't work for me. I'm not entirely sure what the solution might be, since I get what you're going for in that a serifed D feels more logo-y than the plain D of the wordmark font. Maybe reworking the horse artwork could make the sans-serif D work?

- The pose of the full-body horse is nice, and I like the splash of orange in the tail and the separation between the mane and the neck, and between the two legs and the body. Maybe using that separation of body parts even more throughout could stylize the horse enough that the D could lose its serifs.

-Big fan of the uniforms, same as jbird. The helmet does highlight how thin your outlines are, though; they all but disappear when viewed from a distance.


So I guess my big takeaway is that all the elements separately look good, but together they could be a little more cohesive. The logo is almost retro, but the font and uniforms are pretty modern.


Great start in my opinion!

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