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Since the Mariners are now going on their 19th consecutive season without a playoff berth I thought they could use a fresh start. I've never been a big fan of their current logo, and I prefer the old trident "M" much more to their current serif S+compass logo, which feels too busy and like the forms are visually competing.


I explored some visual themes related to the sea, water, ships, etc. and revisited the riffs on the logo for the city of Seattle that I explored with my NHL Seattle designs I posted a while back. I put them on baseball caps, because let's be honest the most important part of a baseball uni is the hat, right?


Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


1. Simplified compass, retro color palette



2. Simplified compass, teal color palette



3. S + Anchor, navy-yellow



3. S + Anchor, retro colors



4. Abstracted anchor, navy-yellow



5. Seattle flag "S" wave, teal



6. Seattle flag, retro palette



7. Seattle flag, outlined



8. Seattle flag + ship wheel, navy-yellow



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You've got a lot of cool ideas here!


Between 1 and 2, I like the shape of the 'S' in 2 better, but I don't like the way that the diagonal compass points cut into the letter. I wonder if there's a way to take the shape of the 'S' from 2 and widen it so that the relationship with the compass can be closer to that in 1. Another thing I'd be interested to see for these two, which you may have already tried, would be to have the horizontal compass points over top of the 'S' rather than under it. Maybe that would make it harder to make out the letter though.


Between the two logos labelled with number 3, I prefer the second, because the anchor follows the 'S' more closely. I don't think the shadow is necessary in either, though, at least not for the embroidery on the hat to be a different colour. The abstracted anchor in number 4 isn't working for me; it doesn't read as an 'S' to my eye.


No complaints from me about 5, I think incorporating the waves and baseball is probably the best way to get the city logo on a hat.


I think 6 and 7 could be improved by more closely representing the city logo---the ends of the two sides of the 'S' are cut straight horizontally instead of diagonally like 5, 8, and the city logo. Other than that, I think 6 could work well, but the outline in 7 is too much for a cap logo, I think.


I really like the idea of incorporating a ship's wheel into the logo, as you do in 8, but I wonder if it might be a bit too intricate for a baseball cap logo. I think it would work well on a jersey sleeve or as a primary logo.


Overall, my favourites are probably the second 'S' anchor and option 5. I agree with you that the existing logo is starting to feel dated, and I'd be happy to see either of those as a replacement. As for colours, the blue and yellow look excellent together, but the navy and teal fell more "Seattle" to me, and it's a pretty unique scheme, so I think I'd lean toward keeping them as the primary colours, with blue/yellow kept around as an alternate or throwback.

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These are super, it's great to see someone trying out a dearth of ideas. I like the compasses a lot, but love the unique idea of 4 (and execution), and 5 has got to be my winner. Abstract and cool. Agree with jwinters - normally blue and yellow is one of my favorite pairings, especially for retro Mariners stuff, but that teal just helps it to be even more unique. Great work!

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I agree with the others; the second anchor is really cool as-is but it'd be better in the modern colors.

Same goes for number 8 (though I'd add a navy outline to separate the wheel & the ball)


That said, the compass rose is such a unique logo and is worth keeping, IMO. I like your updated compass a lot but I'm not feeling the S you've paired it with. I second @jwinters, the horizontal points should be above the S. I also think the S feels a bit overly horizontal, and maybe a font where the midline of the S aligns with the diagonal points would work better.


Still, a lot of cool designs here!

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I'm really loving the collection! 


1. & 2.: I do prefer the font on 1. and the colors of 2. A narrower "S," with the horizontal points above the letters as well would be the best option. 

Both logos labeled 3.: I prefer the second variation and second @jwinters' idea to remove the beveling. It's not really needed. I'd love to see how it'd look in navy/teal/silver, since those are my preferred Mariners colors.

4. It's a bit too abstract for me. I appreciate the idea, but it doesn't read like an "S."

5. This interpretation of the city flag, mixed with a baseball into an "S," is a fantastic abstract design. Might I suggest making the two teal parts closer, so it reads more as an "S?"

6. and 7. Making the "S" parts solid doesn't really work for me. It feels too '70s/'80s for me.

8. I second @vtgco's idea to add an outline between the wheel and the ball, while using modern colors. I'd also extend the length of the white parts, to help it read as an "S."


I'm curious to see where this will go. Good work here!

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You've got something going on #5. Maybe tighten it up a little so it reads a bit more like an S? Seafoam green (I'd hesitate to call it teal) brim like the old days? I'm always interested in new Mariners concepts that are progressive and get them a little more in line with the Seahawks and Sounders.

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All of these are passable at the least, which is quite impressive since you gave us 6 different logos. So great job.


I really want teal in the scheme. It's just so unique to the Mariners, especially now that the Marlins have gone and screwed up a good thing. That makes me prefer #5, which has a very Seattle look to it besides. Maybe there's some tweaks that could improve it, but I can't quite place my finger on anything specific.


I also like the S + anchor, even though teal doesn't work in the logo since you want a yellow rope.  Great logo.

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