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The Uniforms of Every MLB Playoff Game Since 1969

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I've been working on this for the past two months.  Without nothing to do and no baseball to watch, I decided to re-create the uniforms of every World Series since 1995.  That snowballed into every World Series since 1969, and then every single playoff series since then.  I present fifty years, 256 images, and over 1,500 games (including unplayed placeholders) worth of baseball history.


World Series:















Wild Card Games:




A few notes so I don't get asked about these:


 - 100% graphical fidelity was never my intention.  There are plenty of small issues with the colors, outlines, etc., but all I really wanted to do was basically say "Hey, here's what Team X wore for this game," and you can fill in the rest with your uniform knowledge.

 - Even so, I admit that maybe the best-of-seven designs are a bit small.  I can upload them to somewhere other than Flickr if you want better quality.

 - I created the game matchups in OpenOffice Drawing and assembled them into the game grids in Autodesk Sketchbook.  A lot of the problems here stem from copying things into Sketchbook.

 - I'm 99.9% certain about the hat/jersey/pants combination for each game (socks might be kinda eh), but things like incorrect game numbers and little errors may still be out there.  If you notice anything afoot, let me know.

 - The front numbers for every team are from their WAR leader for that season (per Baseball Reference).  If a team has two different front numbers for the same year, tell me and I'll fix it.

 - If anyone wants to make a better version with their own, higher quality template, you are more than welcome to do so.  You can use my designs as a reference for the game-by-game matchups.


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