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Edmonton CFL team rebrands as "Elks"


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11 hours ago, Gothamite said:

I don’t think “borrowing” from Inuit culture is really in keeping with the spirit of this move. 

This. I think there is a misunderstanding on what First Nations people are saying. It’s not find something more respectful of us, it’s stop using us as mascots all together.

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18 hours ago, NicDB said:

Edmonton Elks sounds like it could have just as easily been around for 100 years, too. 


Maybe because they were the Edmonton Elks almost 100 years ago?


Grey Cup Memories: 1922



The Edmonton Eskimos, renamed the Elks, made it to consecutive Grey Cup games, but suffered the same fate as they did in 1921. The only difference was that the Elks actually got on the scoreboard, and led their opponents at halftime.


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15 hours ago, Survival79 said:


Edmonton Excellence.


Green Bay has greatness. Edmonton can have excellence.



That's not really a thing. That was just Tiki getting fooled by what he read on Wikipedia.

Elks is good, as long as they can get the Twitter handle. How soon do they change THAT??

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Edmonton can't have excellence because it isn't Calgary.


Elks is perfect. Go with Elks. It sounds like an old-timey team name that matches the old-timey team logo, and describes an animal that can presumably be found in the greater Edmonton area. Go Elks!

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1 hour ago, infrared41 said:
On 7/21/2020 at 2:42 PM, Gothamite said:



Interesting also that they're a community-owned team.

They really are the Canadian Packers.  

On topic: Elks gets my vote. 

The Community ownership isn't terribly unusual in the CFL. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are also community-owned, but with a lot more shareholders (80 vs thousands) and the Blue Bombers (And Valour FC of the CPL) are technically a non-profit.

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