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MLB x Soccer


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I was bored and i have a Pes Master Premium subscription so i thought why not combine loves of mine Baseball and Soccer (Its football, we use our feet) 

I wanted to keep some Baseball jersey elements like the team logo placement, so some teams will have logos in the place of the badge. Some teams will not have sponsors at all. The sponsors are the companies that own the naming rights to the teams arena. I've also kept it down to 4 kits (Home, Away, 3rd and GK). The 3rd kit will be mainly classic jerseys but some teams who havent changed their jerseys in a long time will have some thing different. I'm doing these in alphabetical order. I also want to hear peoples opinons on the way ive shown these off. So anyway here are the first two


Arizona Diamondbacks 


This one is quite basic. As you can tell Ive gone with the 1998 Diamondbacks whites. Overtime the 3rds have grown on me. 


Atlanta Braves 


I started to get a bit creative for the Braves. The away uses the england Warm us shirt design. you cannot see it on this photo but the 3rd has the sleeve design off the 1974 jerseys on the shorts because i wasnt quite sure how i would do sleeve logos.



If wanted at the end i can upload all shirts. i will add shots from inside of pes at some point when i have chance. 


I would love to hear peoples opinions on these two. I have made the orioles but i'm gonna release 2 at a time

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I think those look pretty slick! And also...kind of makes you think about what it would look like for baseball players to just wear a soccer jersey like those (a la the shorts White Sox uniforms of the 70s) today.


MLB has a history of pullovers; why not also more traditional soccer-style jerseys? Not to replace but to supplement button-down shirts. I think the teal D-backs and patterned Braves especially could look great on a baseball field.

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Next Two teams


Baltimore Orioles 



First team that I left a team sponsor off. i went a bit over the top on the sock for the 3rd. Also the 3rd isnt a classic because i feel like the orioles jerseys are quite classic as they are

Boston Red Sox



I had to go with the classic jersey look for these. I was gonna do a Liverpool crossover but then they would have 2 red shirts. Red Sox jerseys dont really change so i used an older wordmark. i also used the boston strong logo on these because i saw they wore it for a few games last season. 

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I HAVE NOT GAVE UP ON THIS. Ive been busy doing stuff. and also getting ahead on the kits. I will release 6 teams a week. on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. ive currently got 6 teams that ive made that i just need to put on the release template. 


Anyway here is the CHI-TOWN SET. 


First is the Cubs



i wanted to do the pinstripes with the classic logo but didnt want to do 2 classics, so i used the old logo.


White sox


A load of new designs got released for pes master so i used the new designs. i there was only one classic i could do realisticly.


ill see you on wednesday for the red and indians (if they are still called that)



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Today might be wednesday. Now days have no names other than days with f1 or leicester city and soon the houston astros. Anyway less about me not knowing what day it is.


I have some kits to show off. 


1st is Cincinnati Reds


Ive used some new combos. (i cannot wait to show you the rockies)


next are the Cleveland Indians. i struggled with the throwback that didnt have the cheif on it. 


yet again using morre combos. really like the gray. 


so on friday we have the Colorado Rockies and Detroit Tigers.


P.S. when i get round to the new york teams they will go together so ill have the twins with the a's. its just because i wanted teams from the same place together

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Today is Friday.


Ive been waiting to show this one all week and the tigers. 



So the Rockies 


heres what i wanted to show. huge fan of the way these came out. 



here is the tigers. i didnt do a classic because i couldnt find one i liked and that would look good. 


ill see you next week for the Houston Astros,Kansas City Royals on monday. Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers on wednesday. Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers on friday.

just notisted that the rockies one has the indians stadium behind it i rushed that one before i went kfc lol. 

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Happy new week. This week is a GOOD week. We have opening day on thursday and the premier leauge season ends on sunday among other things.


Houston astros 


I really wanted to do tequila sunrise as the 3rd. Pes master wouldnt let me do it the way i wanted. 


Kansas City royals 


The 3rd isnt a classic because i couldnt find a classic that would look good


See you on wednesday.


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We are near the half way point.


We are on to the LA set. 




went with a diffrent idea for the 3rd. didnt wanna go with an idea that would be simular to the the away. i also included a tribute to skaggs on the 3rd socks. 




Went with a jackie robinson tribute for the 3rd. this includes 42 logo on socks. 



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AYYY! Baseball is back. Heres 2 new teams


First is the brewers


i went with the powder blues for the 3rd. also ive now desided to use sock logos when teams have alt logos.


Next, the marlins


I went with some greens for the the 3rd because its a colour that isnt seen much.


Enjoy opening weekend. If your team wins or loses be happy that sport is back. 


ill see you on monday

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On 7/25/2020 at 12:03 PM, DNAsports said:

These are all really good! I’m surprised your concepts aren’t getting more attention. Keep it up!

Cheers. I don’t really care about the attention. It’s just something to pass the time. 

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Well at least we had 3 games.


New york pack. 


METS time


Went with some crazy designs on this one. Blacks for the throwback. because i they used the new york wording




Went with a red away to stop clashes with gray GK shirts. also went with an unused blue pinstripe for the throwback.


i moved the twins so we had the new york teams together.

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On 8/1/2020 at 12:48 AM, benspec17 said:

Big fan of a lot of these sets. I second the thought that these should be getting a lot more attention.


St. Louis Cardinals


More powder blues seriously need more. 




I like the browns. The sand pinstripes are nice too. Went with the blues from 2004-2010 for the classics did a combo of the 2020 text with the 2004-10 colours. Came out quite nice.


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I really wanted to get teams out today but the website i use had an update. and i cannot place team sponsor logos or sock logos. currently. so might bit a bit of a wait. and im not gonna upload stuff im unhappy about.

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On 8/10/2020 at 12:10 AM, BigRed618 said:

These are all amazing. Have you considered using a logo on some of these like you did the Yankees? I found it a little concerning that you were only using the word marks on all these.

Once i've done all teams i'm gonna do a one for each team that uses more soccer dna for the jerseys than the baseball jerseys. so big sponsors on the front and smaller badges. 



quite like the home shirt. and i quite like the bridge on the 3rd. the colours are nice too. 




Quite like these. the colours work well.  the design on the away is nice. also huge fan of blue and yellow (but i suppose ive grown up with a team that wears blue and gold/yellow (leicester)). 

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