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Washington NFL Franchise Retires Name and Logo


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quick question,

are they going to keep selling there old gear (in the DC area only and not online) like Cleveland did (but in Ohio only and not online) for trademark reason only.



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11 minutes ago, L10nheart404 said:

Red wolves is creative? It might as well be Northeastern University Red wolves. It's not that it's bad on its own, but it's so collegiate and high school fitting.

Creative is me being nice and not saying "amateur". I still don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be, but I agree that it'd be better suited for a team at a different level. Would rather just have "Wolves". 

10 minutes ago, DNAsports said:

I guess the Jets, Rangers, and Giants didn’t get that memo 🙃

Cardinals too. Maybe it's just personal preference, but I find retreads of names in different leagues to be less than desirable, especially if you're naming a team now in our modern age. It was a different world 50 years ago with these new teams. I doubt that many people in Winnipeg were watching New York Jets games and I doubt that many people in New York were watching the Winnipeg Jets. We're a lot closer now as a sports world than we were back then. Reusing a name that's already being used in the Big 4 just seems tired to me, especially when there are much better options out there nor are you reviving a historical name a la the Winnipeg Jets. 

You have a chance for a new identity for a stale football team. "Warriors" is an very generic name, even more so than "Wolves", that leaves the door open for potential Native American references down the line (which, granted, the team has stated they want to move away from, but a "Warrior" can mean a thousand different things) or an absurdly generic team identity and logo. I don't want this team's final logo to be just a W in a circle or something or 5 stars to represent military generals. The identity as a whole should be something new and refreshing, because if any franchise in the league needs it, it's probably this one.


If you want to embrace the military aspect, go with Redtails, a much better name. If you want to go with what seems to be popular right now, go with Wolves, but drop the "Red". Warriors is a distant third for me. 

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1 hour ago, Foxxtrot44 said:

Taking my shot. They'll just flip to the other side of Manifest Destiny. Washington Roughriders

Saskatchewan has entered the chat....

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Interesting piece from Forbes: What the Redskins Rebranding Process Looks Like From Here



Todd Radom, an independent graphic designer who has specialized in branding for professional sports franchises and events, says it would typically take 18 months to go through a rebranding process of this magnitude. However, teams that relocate often accelerate the process, so it can be done. He says he would be shocked if the team hasn’t already been working on this for awhile.


“You want to get this thing right because it’s something you’re building for a hundred years, hopefully.”


Lots of other good info from people who have been involved in rebrandings across pro sports.

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12 minutes ago, jc... said:

I think they could go back to their previous name, "Braves." And do it tastefully. 

I think the risk there is if we get to the point that Braves, Indians, etc. start going away, they'd have to change again.


Team brandings should be done with the hope of lasting forever.  There's a chance that this would not do so.  Trying to take my bias out of it (hard to do), I think keeping the "theme" is less important than picking something with a chance to be a great brand for 100 years.  Going with the Braves would almost seem like a "screw you, everyone."

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I hope this first part of my post isn't frowned upon by forum rules: I just wanted to say that I used to defend teams like the Redskins and the Indians. I've changed my viewpoint quite a bit over the last year. These names would not be acceptable if they were introduced today, therefore they should not get a pass just because of team history. I apologize to any fellow board member for any ignorant posts I may have had regarding this topic in the past.


Having said that, I think the colors should absolutely stay for the franchise. As far as a team name, Red Tails works I think. While some might find it "boring" I think it fits fine for a franchise as old as Washington. It isn't flashy and gimmicky, and there is some historic significance. 

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Redtails is 100% the correct choice here, especially given what they want to do: it keeps the HTTR slogan, allows for burgundy and gold to continue to be used, and honors the military, while also going a step further and, if done properly, can honor minorities and give the team a complete 180 in terms of outreach. It wouldn't be Native Americans, and they should be held responsible for the damage their previous name has caused, but especially given the African-American population of DC, it's a chance for the team to do some good for once and this kind of PR chance cannot be missed.

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1 hour ago, Sykotyk said:

Washington Pigskins


Football. Check. 

Hog related. Check. 

Unique. Check. 

Tons of logo and mascot options. Check. 

Still the skins? Yes. 


While I don't like it, it is logical. 

I'm sure somewhere, the Anti-Pork mob would be ready to pick up their pitchforks.  Or at the very least, PETA.

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1 minute ago, PaleVermilion81 said:

Another advantage of going Redtails: potentially getting some sort of secondary logo with a P-51. 

They could be better jets than the Jets!

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12 minutes ago, PaleVermilion81 said:

Another advantage of going Redtails: potentially getting some sort of secondary logo with a P-51. 

and have a P-51 fly over at the start of every game:



as a side note, i have met some Tuskegee Airmen in the past (where i volunteer).  i did ask one of them about what he thought of the movie Red Tails and he gave it a C.  

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5 hours ago, _J_ said:

I want them to take this chance to go full red/white/blue.


Yes the Giants have it, but do it in a way that's fully balance and fits with the majority of other DC teams besides DC United.


Please god no. The ONLY thing i want the team to retain is the color scheme and hopefully adopt a name that isn't a bland a$$ MURICA one

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Rumor has it that they're going away from Native American imagery entirely, which is probably the right move, so I don't think we'll see Braves, Warriors, etc.  


That being said, I don't think the team goes "patriotic" either, because the colors don't jive with it.  When you think of USA, you don't think of.....Maroon & Gold.


Unless they decide to change the colors.  That's why it's the perfect time to rebrand.


I would go nameless in 2020...it's going to be a screwed up season anyway...with the old leather-look helmet and no mascot/team name.  Scrap the Redskins uniform and wear throwbacks all year long, minus the sleeve logo.  Make this the last ride in Maroon & Gold. 


Then, I would rebrand as something that is more aligned with our nation's capitol.


Color scheme?




Military-inspired uniform.  Borrow some elements from the Army-Navy Game and that rivalry.  Dress Blues & Greys.  Not overly patriotic (the Patriots have that on lock) since Gold would be in place of Red, but making the team respectful and in tribute to our nation's military and the ideals of our nation's principals of equality, strength, honor, and loyalty would really bring the franchise a lot of goodwill.  With some creativity (either a White helmet or rules change allowing for alt helmet), they could even work out a way to have an Army Green alt uniform...no one else has done it (except Army West Point) and "Medium Olive" has officially been added as a Nike Team color and is available for use in custom uniforms nationwide now.


The Naval Academy is 30 minutes from FedEx Field.  Hundreds of thousands of military members, active & retired, likely live & work in the DC area.  Pay homage to their service.  


[MOD EDIT: Unnecessary political statement.]


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