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Build The Better Blue Jay


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Hi everyone!

I'm sorry about the Bobcats one, as jpslapshot22 pointed out that they had already been done. So, I'll try again...

As you can see from my worst logos poll, a lot of people hate the Blue Jays logos set. This challenge is to see who can top it. To enter, you can

1. Totally redesign the whole Blue Jays package, or

2. Redesign just the jerseys, or

3. A new Primary logo and script.

Any complete set must include new Primary, Secondary, and Script logos, and at least a home, road, alt, and BP uni. The deadline for entries is September 15, 2004 at 5:00 pm ET. Voting will start then for first, second, and third.


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Dude. Settle down. You're rackin' up posts like they're goin' out of style!

And give us more than 15 minutes to respond to one of your calls for building stuff. Designing takes time to plan, and if anyone wants to get in on it, they'll let you know. Just relax. And remember, there aren't that many people on these boards, so responses may take some time.

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