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Atlanta Hawks Unveil New Uniforms, Logos, Colours

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15 hours ago, BringBackTheVet said:

If I was the mayor of a major American city and was posting on the internet about sports uniforms, I certainly wouldn't out myself either, so I can only assume that the lack of answer is a confirmation that this poster is the mayor of Atlanta.  Madam Mayor - welcome to the forums!



Atlanta seems like a long shot... Flavortown makes more sense if he's indeed a mayor.

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10 hours ago, SCalderwood said:



But at least the Bucks have kept green in their identity for at least 50ish years.  I'm a little out of the loop on the Bucks' current identity, but doesn't it still have green, and isn't green included as at least a noticeable accent color on all jerseys (not including ridiculous and unnecessary 4th or 5th or 6th jersey sets)?  They've played around with their secondary colors a lot, but they've been consistent with keeping the green, and I give them a lot of credit for that.  Even if they do get a blue jersey (if they don't already have one), I would imagine they would include green on it.  I will always think of the Bucks as a "green" team.


I wouldn't compare the Bucks' and Celtics' marketing strategies, for (hopefully) obvious reasons.  The Bucks are going to have to try a bit harder than the Celtics to sell jerseys.  The Celtics can get away with having multiple green jerseys, and probably having decent sales on all of them.  The Bucks need to go with more of a "let's experiment with different colors of jerseys" strategy that most smaller-market and less popular teams have to try to sell more jerseys.  But their 50+ year jersey history shows that they are still, overall, a green team with a somewhat consistent identity.






I agree with this. And I think it's fine for some teams to embody a certain timeless look and other teams to regularly evolve with the times, as the Bucks have done. I think the Bucks have had a lot of very differently ugly jerseys in their history, but also that they've held true to a certain brand despite all the changes, moreso than the Hawks or Nuggets have, as examples.

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