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Next NFL team to rename

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52 minutes ago, Sebastianm said:

Which is the next after the Redskins, another thread will be posted on Expansion.

None, branding is to connected to the name to change. If a team did change it would most likely be chiefs for the same reason the redskins changed but it’s extremely unlikely.

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3 hours ago, the admiral said:

I could see the Chiefs getting rid of the arrowhead and going with a freestanding KC (or a KC enclosed in something else). Look for it to come alongside selling naming rights to Arrowhead Stadium so that we can praise a Brand.


For some reason I thought KC's "Arrowhead" was the same as Anaheim's, and was one of those naming rights deals that didn't seem like one (like Rich Stadium or Great Western Forum).

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2 hours ago, Sebastianm said:

Honestly, the Texans are the next one, it sounds bland and generic.

They've had a consistent brand that's had absolute minimal changes in the past 2 decades almost. They aren't going to change on the basis that it's bland? The only team possibly changing names is the chiefs but I think it's still not incredible probable. This whole thread seems like waste of time. 

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11 hours ago, _DietDrPepper_ said:

This whole thread seems like waste of time. 


Why so harsh bro?


Obviously the thread starter and those discussing it here do not seem to think it's a waste of time. In fact you even found it relevant enough to comment in the thread. 

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The only way an NFL team changes its name in my opinion is 1) with a move (and that's a maybe, see Oakland/Los Angeles/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders), 2) with an ownership change (the last one I can think of is Titans to Jets in the early '60s), or 3) outcry that builds to a crescendo.


Now that Washington changed, I don't know if we can anticipate that any others will, even the Chiefs, since that's not really a pejorative, like that other name was. 

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