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Ottawa Senators Concept


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Well it's been a few years since I've posted a concept on here, but since the Senators are getting a new design I figured I would throw my idea out there. It's based off of their 90s look, but gold accents added, and the numbers are free from the stripes. I also utilized their awesome alternate logo that they never use (simplifying it a little bit too). The colors I just slightly tweaked because I felt like this popped a bit more. I really like the way it turned out because it's classic and modern at the same time, and I feel like it's just a nice, clean, simple uniform that makes their look infinitely better.








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I really don't get the love for that logo. It's alright, but the cartoonish cape flopping over the wreath and the overall stiffness of the design doesn't ellicit much from me. I really think the original looks more regal with the artistic cape flourishes and the upwards looking senator. It feels more classy, whereas this feels a bit more dumbed down and cartoony.


As for the jersey concepts - a bit too simple. The foundations are there but I'd like to see a little something extra to really sell them.

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I think what you’ve done with the logo is going in the right direction. The Sens are going back to their original with mods and I think it will end up being something like this. The original had this wing type feature thing to the left of the plume, which I always felt made the logo unnecessarily unbalanced. You’ve removed it which is great.


I don’t know that you need to have the cape extend out as much as it does. perhaps there is a way to contain within the circle. Also, maybe there is a way to add a little more detail to the helmet. Not much, but a little something to push it over the top. 

Jerseys are simple, which is fine... but maybe there is something that can again, put it over the top. There were a few previous iterations of the Sens jersey that had some interesting trims, maybe there is something there to potentially bring back. 

I think you’re off to the great start here.. but I think you can push it even more.

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