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Quick & seemingly obvious change for Charlotte FC


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Within about 10 seconds of seeing the new Charlotte FC logo and secondary monogram I started wondering why they didn't design the main logo to include the monogram.  That and I cannot recall having seen a soccer logo with a crown where the crown was not above the shield or rondel.  So, here is my version, along with the original.  I made mine quickly so the font size and all the lines are not exactly how I would want them, but you get the idea. 


Actual logo




My version:



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I really like it, the balance is really nice with the overall shape and the monogram is perfect as the focal point. A couple things I'd tweak, though: the font looks better as the official font, but I can't fault you for that. However, I'd like to see the sizes of "Charlotte" and "Football Club" played with, as on the official crest "Charlotte" is larger as that the two phrases fill up the same amount of space on the roundel and it has the extra effect of placing more emphasis on "Charlotte". That should also help placing "Minted 2022" on the side of the roundel. Great start here, a couple tweaks and this could be really good!

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         Mint City Green                 Monarch Gold               Charlotte Town Blue
fw97ofMb.jpg  JEbOUFwb.jpg  FDmw6Zsb.jpg


Combine this overall layout...                  ...with the fonts, placement, and sizing of the alphanumeric elements from the original mark.            
ed7mT7Om.png                          KXjdBvmm.png?1



The crown and the center circle of the badge would be rendered in Monarch Gold. The outermost and innermost rings would be rendered in Charlotte Town Blue. The center ring that bears the CHARLOTTE FOOTBALL CLUB and MINTED 2022 elements would be rendered in Mint City Green. CHARLOTTE FOOTBALL CLUB and the CLT FC monogram would be rendered in White, with the MINTED 2022 elements rendered in Charlotte Town Blue.

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Really like the idea of having the monogram within the primary. I feel the only thing throwing things off (in my opinion)... is the size of the crown. When you think about other uses and other places where the logo will be seen such as broadcast... its always nice to have the logo as compact as possible. So having the crown protruding so high at the top can actually make it more difficult to work with. Perhaps its a little more subtle.... or maybe its not even needed now in the primary and it becomes a secondary mark. 

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