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NHL’s New Seattle Kraken Announce Name & Logos


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Blech.  Logo is cool.  Uniform is...fine?  I mean, it's not garish, fine.  But major swing and miss at what they had.  They had a beautiful salmon and it's a tertiary, barely there color.  Dark colored uniform.  


There were better options out there.  The uniform isn't bad...but it's a miss from me.  

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I'm so dissapointed, honestly. The jerseys look sick, but uuuuugh, the name is such a terrible choice. Sounds like a minor-league club or some kind of roller hockey team, not a professional sports franchise.


It doesn't even have any local connection, it's just trying way too hard to be "cool".

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Logo, colors, and uniform? Awesome.


The name, though?



This may be the biggest discrepancy between the quality of name and rest of identity that I can recall; yes, more so than “Wild”. For them to pick “Kraken”, they absolutely HAD to knock everything else out of the park to get by, and to thier credit, they really did. But yikes, the name.

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2 minutes ago, SFGiants58 said:

Well, twenty year cycle. They join the Wild in the “horrible name, but amazing logo and uniforms” club. It took twenty years for another name this trash heapy.


Well said.  They've won me over with that sweater.  I can tolerate the dumb name for something that looks that good

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The sweater is slick. The logo is good. 


I get that Kraken is very meme-ish and the explanation behind why that's not good, but I'm having a hard time understanding why a giant mythological squid is a bad hockey team nickname. I mean, Kraken rum is decent and their branding doesn't seem terrible. 

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