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NHL’s New Seattle Kraken Announce Name & Logos


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3 minutes ago, SFGiants58 said:

Well, twenty year cycle. They join the Wild in the “horrible name, but amazing logo and uniforms” club. It took twenty years for another name this trash heapy.

The Kraken are at least a thing.  The Wild are an undefined adjective.


Regarding the unveiling:


happy jim carrey GIF

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I'm almost positive this team rebrands eventually once the hype around the name dies off in like 5-10 years. Unless they go on a dynasty run immediately, the name is essentially a timer.

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holy crap they nailed it


I was hoping for a dark green and salmon sockeyes personally.


But this is incredible. Unique colors, an awesome logo, and the jerseys are beautiful. Fits the Seattle feel 110%.


At least they're not also neon green.

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I don’t care what anybody says, I absolutely love this. Great name, great colors, and great logos. 

The video was super well done too, showing the parallels between the Metropolitans and this logo really drove it home for me


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I like the logos.  I do.  They're shockingly clean.  And the uniform isn't bad.  But I think there was a greater opportunity to be had.  That salmon color is legitimately unique across American sports.  A team with the name Sockeyes can elevate that color and you have a unique team in Seattle that can last, versus a team that is chasing a meme.  Kraken is unique, but for the wrong reasons.  A sockeyes team with that pink?  I think that's unique for the right ones.


This isn't awful.  They saved themselves on a uniform that looks fine (though, I think a missed opportunity to elevate that color) and a nice logo.  But the name is so dumb.  It's such a weird brand overall when you consider it all.

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